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21 Gifts for Mustang Enthusiasts

We have many car freaks, who mull over different brands. However, when it comes to a Mustang, the craziness is indeed on a completely different level. Not many cars have the class and elegance of a Mustang.

Mustang owners have a lot to feel proud about. They love to take their wheels for a spin, to flaunt the beast to everyone on the road. They take care of it like a baby, and they love their car to bits. If you know someone who fits this description, this article is for you.

Here, we give you 21 good recommendations for gifts to be presented to Mustang owners. These gifts will make them feel more passionate about their vehicle, than they were ever before. People with classy cars are tough to please, indeed! However, these gifts are sure to steal their hearts instantly, without any doubt.

1. Mustang-themed wall clock

If they love, own, or plan to own the Mustang car, this gift is definitely for them. While you may not be able to gift them the car itself, you can definitely gift them this Mustang-inspired clock, which is a great piece of interior décor.

This clock will be the best piece of décor they will ever receive. It is a great gift for any occasion. Mustang enthusiasts will love this black wall clock definitely. Made from a vinyl material this clock has a vinyl finish, which gives it a classic look. 

It has the words, Mustang” drawn over it. You can be sure that this wall clock will form a crucial part of their home décor, the minute they unwrap this gift.

2. Insignia Shirt for men

This t-shirt will have their heart instantly and will be their go-to t-shirt for more than one occasion. This t-shirt has the Mustang logo printed over it, which makes these car lovers happier than ever. 

It has the insignia theme over it; therefore, it will be one of the best gifts for them on their special day. Made from highly comfortable fabric, these t-shirts are simple but classy gifts for Mustang lovers.

3. Unique desktop clock thermometer

This gift will for sure be something that they haven’t seen or received earlier. Gift them this clock thermometer, which comes with the ultimate 90s vibe. Mustang lovers will love to keep this gift near their desk at the office or even just at home.

This clock thermometer is something that they will adore no matter what. And the best part of this gift is that it solves three purposes – a clock, a thermometer, and a souvenir of the Mustang car.

4. Personalized Mustang Ornament

Are you looking for a personalized gift for Christmas? If yes, look no further than this gift.  Here, we bring to you, the best of ornaments that you can give to a Mustang lover. 

This instrument that they can hang on their Christmas tree is something they will save for all upcoming festive seasons with fond memories. 

This ornament has a beautiful carving of a Mustang, which makes it look stylish, classy and sophisticated at the same time.

5. Baseball cap

Gift them this Ford Mustang baseball cap that they can wear during matches or even during any occasion or ceremony, as it gives them the perfect opportunity to show off their love for Mustang cars to the world.

This elegantly- printed baseball cap is specially designed for the ultimate mustang lover. If you have been looking for the perfect and stylish gift for the Mustang lover, this cap is the best choice for you.

6. Mustang-themed sign

This Mustang-themed parking sign will lift the spirits of Mustang owners immensely. They can put this sign on their garage, or even use it as room décor. 

A board with the insignia sign coming along with a variety of colors like blue, red, white and black is definitely a gift they wouldn’t want to miss. 

All these colors make the sign even more attractive. This parking sign gives them a perfect chance to flaunt their beautiful machine to others.

7. Mustang Seatbelt

If you know Mustang lovers or owners who love to gather small collectibles of this brand, this seatbelt is a great choice for you. 

This Mustang-themed seatbelt, which comes in colors of blue red and white and the stunning Mustang logo printed on it, will definitely take a special place in their collection.

8. Uniquely-designed wallet

What kind of Mustang lover will not appreciate anything that this brand has inspired?Here is fun yet functional gift for the one who loves his Mustang just a bit too much.

Gift them this amazing wallet that will keep their money and cards intact. This wallet has a very cool look to it and it will also make a perfect gift as it has the blueprint of a mustang drawn over it. 

Ford’s classic red, blue, and white colors are marked right in the center of the wallet. The graphic illustration of the car in the background and the logo of Mustang only make this wallet even more desirable than it is, already.

9. Mustang style hood

Everyone appreciates a piece of stylish and cool clothing. So why not give Mustang lovers, this hood that will make them stand out of the crowd? Anyone will instantly understand their love for Mustang cars, when they spot them wearing this hood. 

What more could they possibly want in a gift? They will feel the most appreciated, when they unwrap this gift. Apart from being stylish and classy, this hood is perfectly functional. 

It comes with printed front and back covers that contain images of their favorite car. And we promise you they will fall in love at first sight with this gift.

10. Colorful Mustang-themed clock

This wall clock is all a passionate Mustang lover would ever need for a gift. This wall clock is something that will remind them of a timeline that is not worthy of forgetting. 

It comes engraved with all the models of Mustang, from old to new, instead of numbers on its dial. If that wasn’t enough to blow their minds away, this clock also has the Mustang logo printed in the center in a bold and bright style. 

This wall clock is the perfect gift for Mustang lovers, as it will remind them of all their favorite mustang models in an instant.

11. Neon sign light

A neon light that looks absolutely amazing in the dark? Yes, we have got it for you. This sign light comes in a blue shade, and comes with the image of the Mustang logo and the word, Mustang, written on it.

The look and design of this neon light are definitely something that will attract Mustang enthusiasts instantly. Well, this neon light is so amazing that one doesn’t have to be a Mustang lover to appreciate it.

12. Exquisite home décor piece

Here is a piece of home décor that fits with any theme. This one goes well with black walls, colored walls and white walls, too. This classy-looking vinyl record clock has a retro theme to it, which Mustang lovers cannot miss. 

However, they are also made using modern elements and attractive colors, making them one of the perfect gifts that Mustang lovers can enjoy on their special day.

13. Embossed sign with an elegance

Again a room décor, you must be thinking! However,this is not just any other ordinary or run-of-the-mill kind of décor. 

It is special and different, quite unique from the rest of the home décor pieces you might have seen anywhere. 

We are talking about this sign board that comes with equal doses of elegance, class and smoothness. 

14. Classic Mustang Tin Sign

Do Mustang lovers want to give their garage or home a vintage look?  In that case, there could not be a better time to gift them this royal tin sign with a classic Mustang over it. 

This looks like a very old ad for a Mustang, thereby kindling some really nostalgic memories for them.

When they get this gift, they will be beyond thrilled because the rusty look and the extremely stylish Mustang logo in white and blue will make it look like a classy piece.

15. Americana Shirt with Mustang Theme

A true Mustang lover is one, who would wear anything that comes with the words, Mustang, isn’t it? So, gift them this t-shirt to allow them to show off their love for the Mustang and vintage cars, in general.

Made from 100% cotton, this T-shirt is designed with the objectives of comfort, durability and style. Mustang enthusiasts would definitely not mind adding this beautiful T-shirt to their wardrobe!

16. Metal sign for walls

Passionate Mustang enthusiasts will never get tired of collecting rustic tin sings that tell the glory of the good old car that they adore so much. So, here is another metal tin sign for them to add to their collectibles.

With a dimension of 12 by 18 inches, this sign can be hanged anywhere easily. It can also be placed on the home tables or at one’s office. It comes with a baked-on finish pattern. 

The classic Mustang logo is unmissable, though! The best part of this gift is that it is part of the official merchandise of the Mustang, manufactured in the USA. 

17. For the mom who loves Mustang

Does your mom or your friend’s mom love the Mustang as much as youngsters? If yes, she must be really cool then! So, here is a classy gift for the cool mum. This coffee mug has “Mustang Mom” printed over it, making it the perfect gift for the ultra-cool mom.

Before you realize it, this mug will be your mother’s favorite piece of crockery. She will swoon over this gift, and may even give you a raise in your pocket money!

18. Porcelain Mustang ornament

An ornament that stands out is what we are talking about here. This can be a Christmas ornament or even just a piece of beautiful décor. You should gift them this porcelain ornament if you want to see their faces light up in a genuine smile.

With its high-gloss finish, this little porcelain ornament comes with a picture of the Mustang car printed on both sides. It comes with a gold string, which makes it easy to hang the ornament wherever one wants.

19. For the passionate Mustang enthusiast

Are they someone who has always taken care of their Mustang more than their life? If yes, this coffee mug is for them. It is time to make them feel appreciated as you acknowledge them for their passion. 

Whenever they have a low moment in their lives, they need to look at this mug and get their daily dose of motivation. The words on this mug go this way – “I work hard so my mustangs can have a better life.”Sounds quite impressive, indeed!

20. Coffee mug with a funny message

“Life is too short not to drive a mustang” is what this mug says. We don’t think there could be another perfect gift for the Mustang lover,other than this one! 

With a black finish and these motivating words written on it, this coffee mug is bound to make Mustang enthusiasts special.

21. Tear-drop key chain with Mustang logo

A key chain is a simple but impactful gift that you can give for almost any occasion. So, here is the perfect keychain for Mustang lovers. 

This one has a classy look, and is made from heavy-duty and rust-free stainless steel. With “Mustang GT” written on it, this keychain is sure to make Mustang enthusiasts break into a hearty smile.

Mustang enthusiasts are not easy to please, because they are quite particular about their gifts, just like how they are towards their choice of cars. The 21 gifts, we have recommended here, have a lot of sentimental value attached to them, apart from being funny and thoughtful at the same time. Pick up one from these and you can be assured of not disappointing a Mustang fan.

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