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Candle Gift Ideas for Mom – 27 Unique Ideas

Scents are very special for mothers, through the years candles have very important meanings for them, they inspire, harmonize, and relax them, they are also decorative details, and a lot of other benefits that only they can appreciate.

Here are 27 amazing candle ideas for moms that you can’t miss, they are incredible and very original alternatives.


1. La Pietra Seraphine

These candles are ideal as a gift for mom, they are made with palm wax, in an attractive white ceramic container decorated with colorful figures of branches, they give off a fragrance of fig leaves and cedar wood, they come in three sizes with durations of 20, 45, and 125 hours.

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2. Travel Candles

A different scent for different places in the home will delight mom. This set of three candles fills that longing. The Stella scent fills the place with the scent of life, and with the apple and tulip scent of Giulietta you can create another aromatic atmosphere, while with the grapefruit and cucumber scent you can create a queenly atmosphere.

Each candle is presented in an elegant glass container that when the candle is finished serves as a decorative element, and provides 20 hours of exquisite aroma.

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3. “I Love you Mom” Candle

This is a beautiful soy wax candle that will surprise mom, as the glass container it comes in is printed with the I Love You Mom sign, and a place is available on the lid for your personalized note. They come in three sizes, 4, 9, and 16 oz, with durations of 30, 70, and 100 hours, and in six different scents.

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4. Personalized Candle Label 

The fact that the candle has a label with a message especially for her, will leave mom delighted with such a gift, they are labels with permanent adhesive, with a brilliant finish, they are recyclable, vegan, and biodegradable, so they do not represent any danger to the environment, and come in two sizes, 50 x 50, and 60 x 60 mm.

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5. Fun Candle for Mom with Label

This gift has the option to order just the tag, or the tag and candle. The tag has dimensions of 63.5×46.6 mm and has a luxurious cream style, and is textured.

This is melted wax, and comes in a glass container with vanilla scent and provides 25 hours of burning, and also includes an organza gift bag.

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6. Candle in Jar with Wooden Wick

The attractiveness of this candle, in glass jar, with the wick, and wooden lid, and with the personalized label with a message can charm mom! It also comes with a nice linen bag, and with wooden matches.

It has a capacity of 30 hours of combustion, and you can choose between three colors for the jar, amber, clear, or white, and if you want them with, or without lid.

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7. Personalized Candle in 7.5 cm Glass Jar

This is a very attractive item because it comes with a label that is personalized, so mom knows it is made for her.  It is 7.5 cm wide and tall, lasts 25 hours.  You can select the alternative of receiving it with an organza gift bag, and you can order what you want the message on the label to say.

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8. Tea Light Candle Gift Set

Wrapped in a beautiful gift box these 5 tea light candles are an option that mom is sure to love. They are very attractive for their splendid color, have a 4-hour burning time, and you can select from 3 alternatives.

It comes with scents of lime basil and tangerine, English pear and strawberry, and apple and cinnamon.

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9. Autumn Scented Candles

This beautiful candle can be a great gift for mom, its attractive bottle in striking color with artistic touches in gold serve as a decorative tool to give it any function once the candle is finished. The aromas are exquisite and perfect for aromatherapy, ideal for stress relief, the cotton wick provides a very clean burning, and does not pollute the fragrance.

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10. 7 Packs Aromatherapy Candles Set

With attractive tin packaging decorated with eye-catching designs and spectacular colors, these seven candles will delight mom. They can last 20 to 25 hours, and come in 7 different scents, bell, citrus, fig, jasmine, lavender, lemon, and rose, and come in a beautiful gift box.

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11. 6 Scented Soy Jar Candles for Home

They are 6 candles in dark glass jar, with metallic lid that will please mom. Because the aroma they produce is so persistent, that it remains for a while after the candle is finished, they leave the home fragrant for long.

They come in 6 magnificent aromas that generate calm, and relax, also come in an attractive gift box in the best vintage style, and produce 20 hours of combustion each.

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12. Stress Relief Candle

This is a beautiful and functional candle, which gives off a very soft fragrance that does not harm the sense of smell. It is very useful for mom to use in the bathroom, in her moments of rest, and even for the practice of meditation.

It comes in a honey-colored glass bottle with a metallic lid, and it lasts up to 50 hours producing aroma. Imagine giving mom a hug in a jar? Right!

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13. Fragrance Candle with Diffuser

Mom will not resist this lovely gift! It has a matchless appearance, elegant, tender, very decorative, and generates a divine fragrance of French vanilla and bluebell. It is very efficient for sleep, and to replenish the mood.

The bottle and the color of the candle are beautiful, and the diffuser has a decorative design that can be a must-have piece for any home environment.

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14. Housewarming Candle Set in Tin Container

This is a beautiful set of candles with 4 types of fragrances, which come in a practical tin container, reusable for various applications, is a great alternative as a gift for mom, and offers several purchase options as they can bring 4 coasters with colorful and very attractive designs.

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15. A Set of 12 Cactus Candles

These candles do represent a very original gift to surprise Mom, it is a set of 12 candles that have 12 incredibly realistic shapes of 12 different types of cacti. It comes with the base in tin container.

These candles with this unique design of these candles will not only give you up to 5 hours of combustion, but also will be an excellent decorative element at home, and in the office.

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16. Highly Scented Wax Melts with Burner

This is an extraordinary gift for mom, first these melted wax burners are trendy, second, they are more functional and efficient than any other air freshener, and third they are very decorative.

The set comes with a 70 gr. wax bar, engraved with the word mom, and a heart, with 6 melted wax hearts of 10 gr. each, a burner that can be white or brown decorated with a cute flower. You can choose from 66 scent alternatives, and also select if you want the whole set or just the melted wax, and with the purchase you will receive an additional gift.

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17. Soy Candle Baby Reveal for Grandma

These candles come in more than 40 scents, last up to 50 percent longer than conventional candles, and are a great alternative to announce that she is now a grandma.

With a fun message on their label that will make her smile, it comes in a glass container with silver, gold, or rainbow glitter.

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18. Funny Candle for Mom

A candle in glass jar with metal lid very attractive as a gift for mom, and cotton wick, with fine 3 scents to select, which provides 50 to 60 hours of burning, perfuming with an incredible aroma.


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19. Exquisite 6-pack of Scented Candles

This set of 6 candles in six different fragrances is the best gift for mom, its attractive containers decorated with allusive figures of tarot, love, goodness, fame, future, and victory, serve as decorative elements after the candle is used, and comes in a wonderful gift box that’s decorated.

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20. Chesapeake Bay Large Candle in a Frosted Jar

A very attractive candle, which can be a meaningful gift for mom, it is 12 oz that generates 70 hours of a tranquil scent of calm and serenity, in a frosted jar with soft colors that make the flame glow.

It comes in different sizes. Any of the sizes will leave mom with a good impression.

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21. Yankee Salted Caramel Candle

It is a very nice candle, in an original bottle with a very different shape from the other candles. It comes in a transparent glass jar, with a unique lid of the same material, that lets you see the pleasant color of the eight scent alternatives. It is nice as a gift for mom, and provides 110 hours of fragrance to relax, and the wick is made of natural fiber.

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22. Sarah Campbell Candles

This colorful candle looks great as a gift, has a cheerful and elegant appearance, and comes in a glass jar decorated with beautiful flower painting. It provides a scent of Hibiscus, melon, and citronella that also repels all kinds of pests, has 25 oz that provides 35 hours of burning time.

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23. Classic Candle Set

These are the typical taper candles, very beautiful and available in 16 different colors, a classic gift for mom to give utility and functionality to the candlesticks, each one generates 15 hours of combustion. The set contains 4 candles with cotton braided wick.

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24. Voluspa Roses Embossed Decoration Candles

This candle is a beautiful detail for mom, its fine glass jar with very detailed embossed decorations gives a different shape to the candle lighting. It comes with glass lid, and in three sweet scents of Jasmine Rosewood, Milk Rose, and Bulgarian Rosewater.

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25. Calming Myrrh Scented Wick Candle

This is a candle with essential oils that produces a calming aroma, ideal for providing mom with pleasant moments of relaxation. It has a cover to protect it from dust and other impurities, cotton wick, and comes in a nice glass jar that can be used for another function once the candle is consumed.

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26. Three Wicks Candle

A beautiful and functional gift to surprise mom, this candle in brown glass jar, has three levels of fragrance, one of lemon, lime, and ginger, a medium of cinnamon, clove, and anise, and one at the base of vanilla, and cedar wood, to make mom feel like she’s at a spa.

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27. Kitchen Candle

This is a candle that looks special as a gift for grandma, its attractive glass jar container with top flange and the label alluding to grandma are a very valid reason to please her and give her pleasant moments while she stays in the kitchen, with a scented atmosphere for her.

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