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21 gift ideas for anthropologists

Anthropologists are people who study human nature and history. From Darwin to any latest evolutionary theory – anthropologists know it all. History has been a part of their lives since childhood, and unlike most of us, they actually loved the subject and wanted to know more about it.

Be it fossils, plants, or culture, their knowledge is very expansive and rich. They can go on and on when they talk about these things that they love. To deepen the love and resolve they have for this profession, you may want to gift them something related to that, something that they will love as much as they love their work. 

Choosing gifts for anthropologists is a different ball game, indeed! It becomes even more challenging when you know nothing of it. However, worry not! We have saved you from drowning in the sea of useless gifts. Here, we present to you the 21 most suitable gifts for anthropologists, which will make them happy and emotional at the same time.

1. A vintage home décor

What kind of a research-loving person does not like home décor? When it comes to women breaking stereotypes through home décor, the gift is bound to be a winner.

To appreciate women anthropologists and make them proud of their path of interest, we have found out just the right gift. This is a vintage- home décor with a rusty look that looks like it is excavated from somewhere.

The highlight of the gift is the quote printed on it, which says, “All women are created equal but only the finest become Anthropologists.”  

2. Historic pens

A set of pens that reminds them of all the fossils they saw and read about, bring it on. Gift them this set of 5 pieces of bone structured pens which will be a funny yet useful gift.

This will be an unethical joke or even a topic to have fun on when they are having a very tiring day plus they can also use these pens to prank their teammates.

3. For the anthropology nerd

Do you need perfect back-to-school gifts for anyone working in anthropology? This gold skull of a Neanderthal skull model makes perfect pins for hats or pins for backpacks.

If you are looking for a gold skull accessory to go with any outfit or maybe just an edgy pin for jean jackets then this is the one for you.

The dual post fastener will keep this enamel pin secure, and won’t spin on your backpack, hat, or denim jacket. The funny Neanderthal skull will be a great conversation starter.

4. Some scented candles

Who doesn’t love the smell of lavender when they come back home from a tiring day? Aromatherapy is something that eases the brain, soothes the body and gives rest to the mind.

This set of 8 highly aromatic scents include sandalwood rose, lemon verbena and citrus, Mediterranean fig, lavender, vanilla and almond, sage, coffee, secret mint.

So why not gift them these scented candles that will light up their mood no matter how difficult or long their day was.

5. A skeleton to hold keys

A keychain that consists of charms like the skeleton, a brush and a spade that will keep their keys as safe as the secrets behind the graves they explore is a suitable gift for anthropologists. 

This is made of high-quality stainless steel. It is hypoallergenic and will never tarnish, or discolor, making it a wonderful choice of gift.

6. Darwin's bookend

An anthropologist’s knowledge is nothing if he hasn’t studied Charles Darwin, and his evolution theories. Darwin’s evolutionary theory always plays a huge role in anthropology students’ or practicing anthropologists’ lives.

To honor this role, we present to you a bookend with a monkey holding on to it on both edges. This bookmark will always remind them about the magical evolution of man, and the pace at which we have evolved from the ape form. In other words, this bookmark will always keep them grounded, as the message indicates them to be strong in the basics.

7. Wooden coasters

Coasters that give the feel of soil and a freshly discovered site are the perfect gifts to surprise and enthuse anthropologists.  These coasters are useful to them, as they can place their coffee cups, teacups, or glasses without any hassles.

These coasters are specially designed with wood and resin, which gives them a vintage look. Guests will love to take second glances at these coasters, because of the visual appeal they exude.

These coasters make for a stunning look, as they are made from a perfect blend of natural and artificial elements. It will protect their tabletops well and give the homes of anthropologists, a forest-y feeling.

8. A unique wall décor

Anthropologists love unique designs that are intricately carved and have deep meanings. So, here we bring you a gift that they will definitely love, because it looks absolutely breathtaking. The beauty of this gift will surely start a conversation when a guest comes over to their house.

We are talking about a mystic interpretation of a lotus, handcrafted with tiny designs as a gift for the anthropologist. This piece will become the perfect wall hanging for a bedroom, living room, or studio.

9. A funny wall poster

One of the first questions that people often when they meet an anthropologist is, “Is anthropology and history the same?”. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that anthropologists get tired of answering this question.

So here is a wall poster that explains the difference between history and anthropology, which they can hang on the walls of their house. They will be thankful to you for this thoughtful gift, as it saves them a lot of time and effort.  

10. An Antique mirror

Do you know of an anthropologist who has a passion for things with an antique feel? If yes, here is a Victorian Era-themed gift just for them This uniquely designed mirror with golden edges looks bold and beautiful.

This is an ornate-textured hanging wall mirror with a resin frame. It proves to be the perfect focal point for any entryway, bathroom, bedroom, or any room in your home.

11. Original piece of something historic

History is something that stays with us. We study history and move on to the next phases; we never forget history, do we? The wall of Berlin is one such historical event that we have all studied about many years ago, but have never forgotten about.

What better and more historic gift can you give an anthropologist than something as eventful as the original piece of wall from the wall of Berlin. It will add up to their unique collections, and they will feel proud to hang a piece of rich history on their walls. 

12. The gift of knowledge

Books are always very thoughtful yet amazing gifts for anyone, especially someone as well-read as an anthropologist.  A researcher, in many ways is a genius, and to add fuel to their thirst for knowledge, you can gift this book.

This one contains some important information about the past and present events in their field of research, making it an attractive gift for them.

13. Beautiful macramé

A piece of décor that has a deep culture attached to it is something worth gifting.  This macramé will look gorgeous in a bedroom, bathroom, or living room as a stylish shelf. It will go well with bohemian and rustic interior designs.

Anthropologists can happily highlight and display their pictures, frames, ceramics, books, or favorite small plants on this shelf. Known for its intricate handwork, this shelf is made from highly durable materials, and is built to last for many years.

14. Ceramic bowls

Unlike other materials, ceramic bowls give out a very natural yet classy effect, especially when they are chosen as gifts. This gift for an anthropologist may seem a little bizarre, but it is a very relatable gift as it has a culture-based visual appeal that you cannot ignore. Anthropologists will love to add these unique bowls to their already awesome cutlery collection.

15. Bohemian pants

A person’s style of living always reflects his personality.  If an anthropologist’s personality is as quirky as their profession, you can give them these pants that are very stylish yet very eccentric in nature.

These cotton pants are a perfect match for their personas that anthropologists represent. These cool and cozy plants will definitely light up a person’s wardrobe by resonating with them and blending well with the interiors.

16. This detailed chart

Here is the biblical genealogy chart that will act as the perfect fodder for their curiosity. This chart comes with accurate visual resources that include timelines listing the books of the Bible, notes marriages, unions, aliases and significant tribes.

It also contains easy-to-follow manuals with summaries of significant Biblical events, Creation, the Flood, the Tower of Babble, the Exodus, the Exile, prospective listing of the Kings of Judah & Israel, their dates of reign, and the Twelve Tribes of Israel. They will be grateful to you for this gift that will play a handy role in their research.

17. Cute faux plants

Apart from gifts that  are suitable for their profession, do you wish to give them something that matches their personality? These cute plants are a great choice for you, in that case. These give a new style of decor for their office tables or home.

These small and cute plants will fit into any surrounding without putting in extra effort. The best part about them is that they look real but are faux so they would not demand water or sunlight.

18. Ancient looking candle holders

Candleholders have recently created a revolution in the gifting market. However, here we are not talking about just any normal candleholders, but special and ancient-looking candleholders, which are fit for gifting the passionate anthropologist!

These will light up any area where they are placed, and they will attract several eyeballs as they exude an ancient and royal vibe. If the anthropologist you know is a lover of gifts that have an antique touch to them, he will love this candleholder for sure.

19. In progress sign

Are they halfway through being professional anthropologists? Well, no worries; we have a gift for someone like that too.

Regardless of whether they are struggling or just starting out in their profession, you can gift them this keychain that has historic charms attached to it.

It also has a palette that reads, “Anthropologist in progress.” The best part about this key chain is that this would not tarnish or rust. 

20. A relatable t-shirt

As they are bound to break and make things as part of their research on fossils, you can gift them this T-shirt that comes with a dash of humor. The wordings on this shirt go this way – “Get yourself together.”

It also has a doodle of two stick characters. You can also gift this T-shirt to the anthropologist who is having a tough time at work, thanks to all the research and long hours at sites.

21. The perfect mug

Here is a simple coffee mug with a powerful message written only for the anthropologists. It comes with the words, “My degree in Anthropology makes me highly capable to judge everyone.” The receiver is sure to break into laugher as soon as he reads this message, as it has the right dose of humor, sarcasm and pun.

Demanding as this list was, we hope that you found your perfect gift for an anthropologist. These gifts are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or other special occasions. These gifts may not come from the cores of science or the darkest secrets of humans, but they definitely come from deep within the core of affection and content. You are sure to make their day meaningful and happy, thanks to these thoughtful gifts.

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