Gift Ideas for a Hippie Mom - 27 Unique Ideas

Sometimes it is difficult to find the perfect gift for your mom especially when they seem to have it all. You don’t know if they will like what you are getting them. But for those who have hippie moms, worry not as this list is for you.

Here we have 27 gift ideas to give to your Hippie mom. They vary in functions so you have a lot of options. Here are items for the home, clothes, accessories, etc.

These items are specifically for Hipster moms and your mother will surely love them!

Since your mom loves hippie things, then this flower wreath is something that she will love to hang around in her house.

This is a nice wall or door decor. It is made of felt and wood and it has a diameter of 14 inches.

The colors of this decor are also really cool to the eyes and very unique. This is a nice Mother’s Day gift.

Get your Mom some Euro shams in this lovely design. The colors are very bohemian and hipster in their vibe. They are also perfect for summer.

Give your mom these cute orange blossom euro shams for her to have some lively pillows in time for the summer.

Hippies love to accessorize. They like eccentric accessories too. This one is a flower head wreath or flower crown that your hippie mom would love to have and wear.

It looks natural too and it is perfect for special events. This will be a nice birthday gift to give to your mother.

These are other accessories to give to your hippie mom. Your mom likes unique items and these are accessories that are truly peculiar.

They are also colorful and they are handmade with clay. This is a rare find that she will surely appreciate.

These are window coverings that are best used in the kitchen. But they are also best paired with the kitchen curtain, shower curtain, or curtain panel.

The print of these window coverings is batik white and blue. It has a striking design that is inspired by the night sky.

These will surely be nice decorations for your hippie Mom’s home.

Get your mom some hippie car accessories also. This is a handmade Himalayan salt car accessory or charm to attract good energy and decrease stress in the car.

This is helpful when your mom gets stressed when driving in cases such as getting stuck in a traffic jam, going someplace she does not want to go to, driving in bad weather, etc.

This is a nice bracelet to give to your mom. It is made with high-quality leather and has a magnetic buckle.

It also has a nice design and various charms. It is a great birthday gift especially if your mom likes bracelets. You could get this for her to add to her bracelet collection.

Get your mom a nice vintage-designed backpack. This is a really pretty bag that she will definitely love to carry around and use as she runs errands, goes to work, goes grocery shopping, etc.

It is very attractive and is lightweight. It is also spacious in which it could carry a lot of her items.

Hippies usually love scented candles and these are not your ordinary scented candles. They are soy candles that come in nice packaging.

They are perfect for aromatherapy and for meditation. They also made nice decor at home. These are nice gifts for your mom’s birthday.

This blanket is very hipster with its vibe and design. The colors used are also very interesting alongside the mandala.

This will be a nice blanket to give to your mom on Mother’s Day for her to use at home or even in her car during road trips. It is very retro and cool.

This is an ethereal notebook that your mom will surely love. It has a great design on the cover and the edges of the notebook are also gold.

This is the perfect gift for a hipster Mom who likes all things unique and astral.

The design of this shirt simply says it all. Give this Hippie tee to your equally Hippie mom. She would be happy to receive this and proud to wear this around.

Complete your mother’s bohemian outfit with these pants. They are really unique and comfortable. The print is really nice too. They are versatile that your mom can wear them almost anywhere and use them for different kinds of activities.

She can wear them outside to do some stuff or even just for lounging at home due to the comfort that these pants bring.

This ornament is super cute and it is made with healing crystals. It is so that your mom’s home attracts the right energies. The crystals in this decor are Lapis Lazuli, Tiger Eye, Clear Crystal Quartz, Green Aventurine, Amethyst, Red Agate, and Yellow Jasper.

Your Mom will certainly love this as a Mother’s Day gift.

For your mom’s stress relief, get her a set of essential oils and a diffuser that she can enjoy for aromatherapy and for her to have a good night’s sleep.

This gift is not just for Hippie moms. It is a gift that is useful and is well-thought.

This is the best tumbler cup that you could ever give your mom. Its design is just the finest. It has a hippie van style and it is a double-wall tumbler that is also vacuum insulated.

With this, she can drink her favorite beverage at a temperature that she prefers stylishly.

If you want to get your mom a simple yet sentimental gift, then you may give her a leather keychain that you can customize the engraving of.

Have something nice and personal engraved on this gift. It is a nice gift for Mother’s Day.

This piece is another hippie decorative item for the home. It is an attractive suncatcher.

Nonetheless, your mom may also use this on her car. She may hang it in her rearview mirror. It is a really nice bohemian decor.

Since your Mom is a loud and proud hipster, then this car sticker suits her best.

It is really cute and it is a nice gift for her on a special occasion that is upcoming. She may also use this on her laptop or other stuff.

This choker is very elegant and it is handmade. It is a nice bohemian necklace to give to your mom. She will surely appreciate this as a birthday gift.

Give it to her to add to her extensive necklace collection. She may also easily pair this with her hippie outfits.

Your Mom loves nature, for sure. Thus, this gift is very special and unique. It is a resin pendant with flowers and plants.

It is very boho and chic too. It is a nice sentimental gift for her.

Get your mom this hippie tumbler design. It is in a Png file and she can use it for various things. It looks really pretty and she will definitely love it.

Flared jeans are very hipster and they are statement pieces. Perhaps your mom needs a new pair. Get her these jeans. They even come in various colors.

You may opt to get her more than one pair in different colors so that she would have lots to wear. They are high-waisted and comfortable. And of course, they are very fashionable!

Every hippie needs a bandana. Get this one for your Mom. It is hand-dyed and it measures 22″ x 22″. It can be used as a handkerchief, as a bandana, etc. This is a must-have for your Mom so get her one now!

Rings are popular accessories among hipsters so here are various rings that you could get for your mom. With this pack, she could have a huge selection of rings for her to wear every day that she could mix and match with her different outfits.

She will surely love this very thoughtful gift.

This is a boho floor pillow that would surely be a nice addition to your mom’s house. It would definitely match with her colorful stuff and give a nice contrast to her neutral furniture.

It looks very gypsy but is very attractive at the same time. This gift is perfect for her birthday.

This is a bag that your mom will find useful. It looks great too. It is a hippie sling or crossbody bag in messenger style. It is a classic and the tie-dye design looks great too.

It will definitely match your mom’s hipster outfits and it will surely be one of her favorite bags to use.

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