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Expensive Gift Ideas for Boss - 27 Unique Ideas

A genuine camaraderie is very important inside a workplace. There may be a boss-employee relationship that may indicate superiority, but when you have a close working relationship with your boss, feeling inferior may not be felt.

Sometimes being a generous employee to your boss helps you build close ties with them. But giving expensive gifts to your boss might be misinterpreted as trying to buy favors and graces from them. So make sure to apply wisdom in giving gifts especially expensive ones. Once done with the right timing and correct motive, this will build comradery in your workplace.

So, now you have decided to give your boss an expensive gift. Given you have the right timing and motive, what are the best expensive gifts you can give to your boss? For your convenience, let me guide you to these lists of the best expensive gifts that will hold value to your boss.

This luxurious-looking Chess Set will amaze your boss since its chessmen are figurines made of metal. It makes the game more realistic and adds excitement. Its board is also made of walnut which is dense and thus guarantees a good quality material for the chessboard.

It gives a personal touch because it can be engraved with your boss’s name and you can even add some personal message in the font of your choice. This is also a ready-to-give item because this already comes with a gift pack. if your boss is a chess player, this will surely be a great gift for special occasions.

This decanter and aerator in one will be an ideal gift for your boss who loves to drink wine or serve guests with wine. Its elegant design and superior performance make up this worth every penny gift.

It saves time from decanting and aerating wine since this electric aerating decanter creates a vortex of the wine rapidly pulling in the fresh air. Thus, in just a few minutes, you already have the taste of the ultimate flavor and full bloom of your favorite wine.

It assures a high-quality material as it is made and hand-assembled in Germany by world-renowned Spiegelau.

The guiltiest pleasures of our male bosses are watches. Thus, a lot of them have collector’s items of these expensive watches. Why not give them a watch organizer to let them display their timepieces with pride and style.

This will be a long-lasting product since it is expertly hand-crafted and so it is proven tough and heavy-duty. The craftsmanship and design of Tawbury guarantee a high-quality product that will stand the test of time. With its 24 slots, it has enough space to pamper your timepieces to enjoy them for the years to come.

This unique gift can be a great display for the office desk of your boss, especially for those world travelers or astronomy enthusiasts. What makes this unique is because of its first-of-its-kind technology.

Even with no batteries or wires, this MOVA globe rotates where its transparent outer shell stations while another internal shell spins that use magnets for torque and solar cells for the movement.

The globe is small, fitting the palm of your hand, measuring 4.5 inches in diameter. The globe has a stand that’s easy to assemble and a securely packed manual. It is an entertaining sight of a natural view of our planet while it silently spins while your boss is having a good conversation with his clients or guests.

This wooden digital photo frame would be a perfect gift for a family-oriented boss. Its 10.1″ large display with a stunning resolution of 1280*800 will give you clear and more crisp photos of your family. You can have it wall-mounted, portrait, or landscape depending on your choice.

It has huge storage with built-in 16GB memory that lets you store and display as many photos as you want. Since it has an advanced 2.4G wifi transferring speed, you can enjoy a more stable and smooth transfer. Your boss will surely be delighted to entertain guests by sharing their family’s special moment instantly.

Your golfer boss will be delighted to receive this luxurious 24K gold and platinum-plated ball marker. The circle crystal ornament uses crystals that are manufactured by Swarovski thus ensuring special and quality material. Since it’s not a cheap crystal, you are assured of its high visibility as it shines under the sun making it easy to be found in the field.

It also has a magnetic clip that can be used as a hat clip and it comes with a luxurious black case that is made of high-grade imported paper which makes it an elegantly designed gift that your boss deserves.

The process it underwent made it an exquisite and special piece of treasure that is guaranteed a unique gift for your boss. It is made up of reclaimed glass by Mira Woodworth, an award-winning glass artist.

These stunning decorative bowls are not intended for food since it is not dishwasher safe. Thus, this is only made for decorative purposes making it an ideal centerpiece that adds a dramatic touch to your boss’ office table.

This high-quality and elegantly designed deer head and antler sculpture will add beauty to any space, especially for employers who love decors and interiors. It is a perfect gift for Christmas since its design brings a more festive atmosphere more so if it is lit with candles on it.

It is hand-carved and with superb craftsmanship ensuring you a high-quality product. It is made of resin that is guaranteed strong and durable and thus will serve its purpose for a longer time.

This skincare essential is a perfect gift for a boss who loves vanity. It is a 2-step skincare regimen as it brightens, resurfaces, renews, and gently exfoliates the skin. It also has a super hydrator which calms the skin with soothing hydration.

A body cream has powerful anti-aging ingredients to encourage collagen production. This product is safe to be used on all skin types since it is made of ingredients that are non-GMO with no fillers. This can be a skin’s best friend that your boss will make them enjoy their daily skincare routine.

Time is essential and so is the fabulous desktop clock. It is made of stunning slices of stones like Brazilian agate and geode made by Jessica Cortes, producing one-of-a-kind works of art.

Since these stones are examples of stunning mother nature’s artistic prowess, it strengthens your connection to the earth every single minute of the day thus creating a calming feeling as you watch the moment pass by. This surely guarantees a timepiece and a decorative display at the same time that’s a high-quality item worthy enough to be a gift to your boss.

This multifunctional space heater is energy efficient providing the right kind of warmth the family needs while gathering in the living room or simply resting in the bedroom. It is a space saver and can be a wonderful decor because of its wall-mounted design.

It has a remote control and led display which shows the setting and information clearly. It doesn’t disturb your sleep since it creates no noise and has a timer that you can set so as not to get you up in the middle of the night.

It is equipped with 2 levels of heating power, warm natural wind for winter and coolness for summer thus a value for money product. Your boss will truly appreciate this sophisticated-looking heater that will be enjoyed by the whole family.

A good boss has an organized desk as it helps efficiency and productivity at work. This is a perfect gift for your boss for all occasions since it is a practically convenient and elegant organizer in the office.

It comes with a complete set, from a phone and tablet stand, desk set and A4 document rack, and coffee cup coasters completing the sophisticated look to your boss’ office table. It is made of leather, professionally cut undercoats, and handcrafted so you are sure you are giving your boss a top-quality product.

This classy-looking coffee mug comes in 4 colors that match the elegance of your boss. It is scratch-resistant and easy to hold which guarantees both comfort and durability.

It has a built-in 1.5 hours battery in its rechargeable coaster to let you conveniently heat your coffee anytime you want. It can be controlled by any smartphone to set the temperature, customize presets, and other notifications. This 10-ounce ember mug will be a great company in the office as your boss sips his cup of coffee while productively working.

Papers are everywhere in the office; thus, paperweight is an essential item that your boss surely needs. Why not give your boss a stylish and unique paperweight?

This paperweight lets you admire the fleeting moment of summer since it is made of handpicked dandelion seed head that is preserved in a resin-made crystal sphere. This is an eye-catching accent to your office desk and a great gift for a nature lover boss.

This long wooden shoehorn is a convenient partner as it helps you in putting on shoes easily without bending your body. It is hand-made in Ukraine and made from walnut, beech, and stained oak ensuring a high-quality and durable item. Its shiny finish adds sophistication to the look making it an ideal gift for your hardworking boss.

Add rich smoky flavor to your cocktail with this smoking board which has 5 aromatic wood flavors to choose from. The board is made of cherry, hickory, maple, oak, and walnut woods which can be an added aroma and taste as the smoke will be trapped in the glass placed upside down on the board.

It is easy to use yet an impressive process of experimenting with different qualities of flavor it brings to your drink. It is a giftable item as it comes with a coaster and recipe suggestion. It will be a go-to favorite item of your boss who loves mixing drinks at home.

Wear this luxurious accessory that will complete the confidence and stylish look of your boss. A male boss’s office outfit will never be complete without wearing a belt, thus this is a perfect gift you can send to him. It is made of brass steel-plated and 925 sterling silver ensuring a high-quality product that will never fade through time.

It can even be personalized with your boss’s initials in a font of your choice. You can choose from the black and brown color of the belt pack in either a standard jewelry box or an exclusive wooden box, a ready to give gift item for any occasion.

This unique wall art will surely add glamour to the office wall of your boss. It is hand-made and made of glass which has a luxurious pearly swirls glossy pattern. Printing on glass is a unique and stylish way of preserving a work of art.

It is elegantly designed making it an eye-catching add-on to any boring wall. It is convenient as it comes with a mounting kit for easy installation and prints on the glass do not fade or scratched ensuring a lasting quality product. It has 4 different sizes and 2 colors you can choose from which will match the intended space of your boss’s wall.

This Chinese-designed ashtray is painted with an elegant shade of gold that can conveniently hold up to 2 cigars. It is well-crafted and hand-made with high-quality material perfect to be given as a gift for your male boss who lit cigars in the middle of his whereabouts. It comes with 2 colors to choose from to match the personality of your boss.

This serving board is uniquely designed with a slide opening on top revealing the set of 4 cheese knives. It is made of ceramic, acacia wood, and stainless steel and measures 13 inches in diameter which offers ample space for your full-pack choice of snacks.

It comes with 4 ceramic dishes which can serve different nibbles to munch for a planned soiree. An ideal gift for a boss who loves gathering friends at home for an evening affair.

This handmade and stunningly designed glassware can be a perfect companion to your boss’s wine. These glistening galaxy glasses are inspired by the view of earth from space, giving you an embrace of our planet earth.

This comes with 4 stemless glasses which can be conveniently held while enjoying the taste of the wine. Since it is made and designed by famous glass artist, Benjamin Giguere, it is a guarantee of the kind of quality material these glasses bring.

Conveniently open a bottle through this simple yet stylish design which will truly impress your boss. It has a triangle design which indicates stability and groundedness suitable for a heavy-duty bottle opener.

If not in use, its triangle design can be a decorative sculpture display on your boss’s office desk or bar at home. It is made of massive metal and hand-polished that comes with a handmade box making it a ready-to-give present to your supportive boss.

This complete necktie set comes with 3 60 inches neckties, 3 pocket handkerchiefs, 4 tie clips, and 4 cufflinks that will complete your boss’ sleek and stylish look in the office. The ties are made of quality polyester with solid stitching and non-fading colors ensuring durability and longevity.

It is a great value for money since it’s already a complete package instead of buying separately different accessories. An ideal gift for your favorite boss which can be worn on any occasion.

The pen has always been an important accessory in the office so this makes a perfect gift for your hard-working boss as it securely keeps that expensive pen. This rare find pen case is handmade and is made of full-grain leather, line thread, polyester thread, and marbled leather ensuring a high-quality item.

It has perfect seams and waxed corners which makes it luxurious and will stand the test of time.

This minimalist gold and white vase is a perfect way to accentuate a living room or an office. This herbal vase is a modern and elegant piece that meets nature as it is made of pure dead sea salt from the Holy land and is processed in an innovative method.

Salt as we all know symbolizes eternal friendship and serves a major role in culture and religion. Thus, it can be used as a ceremonial artifact or simply as an ornament to a contemporary space at home or in the office.

This gift will be a good way to express gratitude to your boss as it promotes a touch of spiritual sense while having a handmade unique display.

A perfect present for a boss who loves to work in the kitchen or have some coffee break during off-hours from the office. It comes in a set of 4 pieces canister with full graphic text on all jars, flour, tea, coffee, and sugar.

It is an ideal way to organize kitchen essentials for easy location of ingredients. It is made of ceramic ensuring durability and has a white and brown color combination making it a simple yet sophisticated piece in the kitchen.

 Make way to healthy living as you make your healthy fresh juice using this easy press juicer. It is easy to use with its 1 button automated press, making it hassle-free to extract your juice the fresh way.

It is also easy to clean because its parts are detachable and big enough to hold up to 12 ounces of juice extracts. It includes 2 pulp filters, the low and high interchangeable filters, resulting in a quality pulp of your choice. An ideal gift for a boss who opts to have a healthy and clean living.

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