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Corvette Gift Ideas for Dad

Chevrolet Corvette cars since its origin, have made more than one dad sigh, who have longed to have at some point in their lives, a wonderful car like this, the truth is that they are usually expensive, but there are many ways in which you can satisfy desires, and there are countless ideas that can occur to give him a gift that will make him smile, and fill with joy to a dad.

Here we leave you the most amazing 27 Corvette gift ideas for dad, get ready and enjoy it until the last one, you will be surprised of the originality you will find.

1. Corvette Leather Jacket with Zippers

A jacket as attractive as this one is a great gift for dad, it is a very eye-catching garment made of eco-leather, so that dad looks modern and rocker. It comes in three colors, with zipper on the front, on the two pockets, and on the sleeves, with the attractive Corvette lettering vertically on the front right side, and on the back, and above the top left pocket.

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 2. Corvette Symbol Ring

Surely, dad is a Corvette fan, so a garment like this ring will love it. It is made of titanium, adorned with the logo of the famous brand, and with beveled edges. The inner band is engraved with the Chevrolet symbol, has a black finish, and is very light.

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3. Corvette Travel Chair

The comfort for a dad wherever he goes is essential. This extraordinary chair can serve for different activities, the beach, camping, or sporting events, is functional, and is provided with a support for drinks in the armrests.

The materials are resistant, double layer of polyester and steel tubes, has the Corvette logo on the back, and brings a convenient bag for storage and transportation.

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4. Corvette C7 Z06 scale car

A dad who loves this brand, will be very pleased with this 1:24 scale miniature of this iconic Corvette model, meticulously detailed, as realistic as the original car, the hood, and doors open, and has the emblems of the real car, is ideal for collecting, and looks great for desktop decoration.

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5. Metallic Corvette Sunglasses

An accessory for dad to look very attractive, they are elegant and very sporty. The frame is metallic, the temples are elastic and finished in fine rubber. The crystals are of smoked polycarbonate, polarized, and anti-shocks, protect from UVA and UVB rays, have nose pads made of silicone. It brings the Corvette logo in laser on one of its crystals, and on the inside of the left temple.

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6. Corvette Callaway Polo Shirt

A polo shirt will always be welcome in dad’s closet, because they are garments that make him look fresh, sporty and elegant. This polo shirt comes with the Corvette emblem embroidered on the left chest, made of 100 percent polyester, which easily absorbs moisture, the collar is ribbed, and the sleeves are finished with double-needle hems and side vents.

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7. Corvette Opener

Dads’ love for Corvette cars is unique, and this original and functional gadget for a dad will make his day. It is a bottle opener made of 12-gauge stainless steel, with the silhouette of the profile of a C7 Corvette car, very well detailed, with its lines in low relief that highlight the sporty figure of this car.

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8. Corvette Bath Towel Set

This set is composed of three towels, one hand towel, one face towel, and one bath towel, with a sublimated print of a classic 1963 Corvette. It will make a great impression on a dad lover of this brand, they are made of polyester and cotton 100 percent, in the design you can customize the sign that will carry, the colors of the fonts, and the background of the towel.

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9. 18 oz. Corvette Bottle

With this bottle, dad can show off his love for the Corvette, and will have to carry his water, or any other drink in style. The bottle is stainless steel, has an attractive anti-slip cap, and grip, with capacity for 18, and 24 oz of liquid. You can select from 7 colors, apple, black, blue, electric blue, red, stainless steel, and white, and is decorated with the figure of a beautiful Corvette.

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10. Corvette Cap for Dad

This is a baseball cap in a very retro style, that Dad will love, because it is functional and casual to use it in many occasions. It has engraved on its front left side the last two syllables of Corvette, plus the year 1953. It is made of cotton twill, in 6 panels, with eyelets and rows cooked, and with adjustable closures in the back.

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11. C3 Corvette Wall Ornament

This is the silhouette of a Chevrolet Corvette C3 made in metal, specifically 2mm steel in the best style to decorate walls. It is a great present for a car fanatic dad, as it is very well detailed with the attractive lines of the Corvette. The metal silhouette has a powder coat finish that gives it a great look and will allow dad to decorate his environment, his office or his garage.

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12. Luminous Coaster for Car

This is a great gift for dad to enjoy it to the fullest by showing it off in his car, it is a coaster with LED lights in different colors, and have different lighting modes, flashing, constant, and breathing light, and come in 7 colors to choose from, recharge with USB connection, and provide a wonderful tuning environment to dad’s car.

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13. Corvette Key Chain

Dad will always need a useful accessory to carry the keys, and if it is a keychain of his favorite brand Corvette, he will love it. This keychain has the emblem of the prestigious brand in a texture so good, that does not deteriorate.

The keychain is made of a polished zinc alloy, and has a very functional hook to hang it wherever you want, it has a very elegant style and rotates 367 degrees for absolute comfort.

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14. Corvette Belt with Buckle

A very original belt for dad, it will make him look combined with his car. This peculiar belt imitates the Corvette seat belt and comes with a buckle with the same mechanism to adjust. It is finely and elegantly decorated with the Corvette logo and lettering in its original nickel-plated letters, and the logo and lettering on the buckle, it comes in 3 widths, and 3 lengths.

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15. Corvette C7 Organizer

Among the gifts that can dazzle dad is this magnificent organizer for the trunk of the car. It will provide the ease of having all the implements you need for the maintenance of the car in one place, and very tidy.

This bag has a large inner part with 4 mesh pockets, and on the outside has 6 mesh pockets. It is made of steel and polyester structure very resistant; the lid is provided with zipper and is decorated with an embroidery of the emblem of the Corvette C7.

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16. The Complete Book of Corvette

A dad attracted to these vehicles wants to know everything about the brand. This is a great gift with 320 pages of information, so he can learn all the details of the Corvette models, from the 1953 to the impressive Stingray of 2020. It comes with a text review of each car, so that dad knows 100 percent of the history of his favorite brand.

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17. Metal Plate Holder

This item is a very useful gift for dad. This is a set of frames for the two license plates of your vehicle. They are made of stainless steel that will keep the plates in very good condition, and compatible with the measures of these in the United States and Canada.

They come in 2 frames in black and red, with emblem and Corvette sign, 4 spacers, 8 screws, 1 screwdriver, 6 covers for screws, 6 washers, and are easy installation.

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18. Knitted hat Corvette C8

For cold days nothing better for dad than this cute wool hat in classic colors of the Corvette brand. It comes in a fabric that includes in the design the emblem, and the sign of the famous brand, and with a very attractive pompom in red, white and black, which, although it does not look like it offers security and protection.

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19. Agate Ballpoint Pen

This type of gift makes an impression because of the originality of the item, so dad needs a pen of this style. They are made with Corvette fordite, these are blocks of paint that are accumulated for a long time in the cabins of the car factory, to form agate quartz style stones. These are treated in specialized lathes to achieve a work of art like these ballpoints pen, it uses Parker spare parts, and comes in a box that has fordite material.

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20. Corvette C8 Blanket

A very suitable item to pamper dad, so that even when he rests, he has his Corvette in mind, as this blanket has the C8 emblem embroidered on one of its corners. It is reversible and made of synthetic lambswool, comes in two combinations, wine and cream, or black and cream, has 50×60 inches, and is very elegant.

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21. Diary for Corvette

This car diary will be of great help to dad, since with it, he will be able to keep a record of the use and repairs of the car. It is very important to know when was the last change of the oil, spark plugs, belts, and all the spare parts of the car, even the record of the tires, with this diary he will have the opportunity to keep in detail the necessary information about the car, in 150 pages.

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22. Adams Polishes Kit for Corvette

Dad likes to keep his car neat, clean and cared for, so this product from Adams Polishes is just right for him. It includes a nice Corvette emblem case, a Detal Spray, an Interior Detailer, a Tire Shine, utility towels, foam blocks, and is great for impeccable car maintenance.

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23. Hevilla Vintage Corvette

Dad’s retro tastes can be indulged with one of these buckles, which features a 1970 Corvette Stingray, is made of brass, and the wear shown on it makes it more attractive, with a natural antiquing, it fits 1.5-inch belts.

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24. Corvette Luminous Glass Vessel

This is a beautiful and eye-catching gift to give to a loved one like dad, it is a very artistic block constructed of glass, ribbons, and lights, which has the Corvette emblem, when lit it looks extraordinary with its 35 lights highlighting the logo.

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25. Corvette C7 Thermal Bag

Dad needs to keep his drinks and food cool when he’s out and about, so this cooler bag with the Corvette C7 emblem on its lid will come in handy. Holding up to 12 cans, it’s fitted with four zippered pockets, two on the front, and two on the sides, and with handles for easy carrying.

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26. Corvette Tumbler Set

This set consists of 4 short glass tumblers, which are precision engraved with the emblems of the 4 initial generations of Corvette, and look like an attractive gift to surprise dad on any occasion, as they serve to taste his drinks while comforting him with the image of his brand.

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27. Corvette C8 Card Display Stand

For dad’s business is a precious and useful gift, it serves to place the business cards in a very eye-catching way, the miniature Corvette C8 is die-cast, and the display is made of solid wood, with felt pad.

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