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21 American Gift Ideas for Swedish Friends

Are you planning to meet your Swedish friend anytime soon? Maybe you are also thinking about giving them a special gift. But what should you give them? 

Finding a perfect gift can be tiring, and the limitless options available on the Internet aren’t making things any better. But luckily, we did a quick research and have found some of the aptest American gifts for Swedish friends.

Purchasing any of these gifts would not burn a hole in your pocket. And you would be able to make your friend happy with your small gesture. 

21 American Gift Ideas for Swedish Friends 

Although you can give your Swedish friend a bunch of flowers, you can’t give it each time you visit them. After all, it would get boring. 

That’s why we have listed some popular American gifts for Swedish people. Through these gift items, you can show your friends what real America looks like. So, without any further delay, let’s start discussing them. 

#1 America Pictures Book

As an American friend, it’s an excellent opportunity to let your Swedish friend know more about the beauty of America by giving them this picture book. 

Through this book, you can show your friend some of the best things in America like the Golden Gate Bridge, Arikara Nation, Great Appalachian Valley, and more. 

If you want your Swedish friend to know what real America is, you should give this cookbook to them. This cookbook comes with so many delicious recipes to try. 

Also, by giving them this cookbook, you would help them explore and get the real taste of America. And your Swedish friends would love you for giving them this amazing present. 

Thus, you can consider giving this gift on birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming parties, or any other occasion. 

Consider giving candy bars as an ideal option if your Swedish friend has children in their family. Kids love candies, and this particular candy bar is non-melting and fruity in taste. 

This candy bar comes in three different sizes. Each of the packs has enough candies to eat and share. In addition, the candy bar comes in various delicious flavors like watermelon, cherry, blue raspberry, orange, and grape. 

They are also gluten-free, allergy-free, nutritious, and are made of maltodextrin, corn syrup, and sugar. 

Take a beautifully wrapped and delicious gourmet nut gift basket with you when visiting your Swedish friend next time. This gift basket contains various healthy and tasty nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashews, honey-glazed pecans, pistachios, honey-glazed peanuts, and mixed nuts. 

This affordable, presentable, and delicious gourmet nut gift basket would bring a smile to your friend’s face as soon as you give it to them. Its high-end packaging keeps the nuts fresh and crunchy for a long time. 

This gift basket is available in three different sizes, i.e., medium gift basket, large gift basket, and extra-large gift basket. 

#5 Socks

For your Swedish book lover friend, you can find nothing better than a pair of socks that has the American flag on them. It comes in a pack of three and is made of 80% cotton. 

These patriotic American flag socks make a perfect housewarming gift, Halloween gift, Christmas gift, and birthday gift. 

So, get these comfortable socks and give a little treat to your Swedish friend’s feet. 

#6 4th of July Reflective Fridge Magnets

If you want to give your Swedish friend a unique kind of fridge magnet that can remind them of America, this one should be your pick. These decorative magnets can be used to hang adorable family pictures on the fridge door. 

Besides pictures, these decorative magnets can also be used to stick grocery lists or cute notes on the fridge door. These eye-catchy magnets are made of premium quality magnets and do not leave a single scratch behind. 

It comes in a pack of 15 and has stripes and stars designs on them. Not to mention these magnets create a great festive vibe. 

Giving someone a useful item is always appreciated. So, when you are planning to meet your Swedish friend, give them decorative cotton pillowcases because you can never go wrong with them. 

Your friend can use these pillowcases to cover cushions and brighten up their room. The images on these cases will not fade quickly. 

The pillowcases come in a pack of four and can be used to cover car pillows, sofa pillows, or office pillows. In addition, they come with a zipper that keeps the cushions in good condition for a longer time. 

So, don’t wait and get your hands on these decorative cotton pillowcases now to surprise your Swedish friend.

#8 American Flag Throw Blanket

Another excellent item you can give to your Swedish friend is this super comfortable and beautiful American flag throw blanket. This throw blanket is made of pure cotton and would not fade or shrink after wash. 

It is available in size 71 x 51. It is large enough to cover a queen-size bed beautifully and is suitable for all seasons. Also, your friend can enjoy a relaxing nap by covering themselves with this beautiful throw blanket. 

So, get this American flag throw blanket for your friend and bring a smile to their face. 

People from Sweden loves to keep their houses bright and beautiful. And if you will give your friend this retro-looking American flag candle holder, it would make them happy. 

This retro candle holder is made of natural wood and is designed to hold two candles. It’s bigger and would make a great addition to their home decor. 

With this unique candle holder, you can tell your Swedish friend how much you love them. 

Looking for an ideal gift that symbolizes America? If so, you should get your hands on this book called “Atlas of the National Park.” 

This 432-page book would help your friend get a glimpse of all the incredible national parks of the U.S.A. This exciting book has everything from the snowy peaks of Denali to the sand beaches of Dry Tortugas. 

This wonderful book has many beautiful pictures of different national parks that would keep your Swedish friend captive and make them curious to know more about the U.S.A.

Through this book, you can show your friend different shades of American culture, climate, wildlife, and archaeology, and more. 

Does your Swedish friend love to cook delicious food? Well, then you can give them the United States of America-shaped bamboo serving and cutting board that comes in a perfect size. 

This beautiful bamboo-shaped board can be either used as a serving platter or a cutting board. It is designed to last long and can be cleaned quickly. 

You can give it to your Swedish friend on their birthday, anniversary, housewarming party, or some other occasion.  

#12 Medium Roasted Coffee

If your friend is by any chance a coffee lover, there is nothing better than a pack of medium roasted coffee that you can give them. Your dear friend would appreciate this gesture and will remember you each time they take a sip of this delicious coffee. 

This medium roasted coffee tastes satisfying, and nothing can beat its aromatic flavors. It is available in three different packs and is made from the flavorful beans grown in Brazil and Columbia. 

So, get this medium roasted coffee for your Swedish friend and help them make a lip-smacking cup of coffee each time they crave caffeine. 

#13 Coffee Mug

Besides a pack of flavorful medium roasted coffee, you can also give your coffee addict Swedish friend a mug that comes with a message, which reads “America, Love it or Leave it.” The cup also has the U.S. flag on it. 

This cup is dishwasher and microwave safe. It makes a perfect birthday, anniversary, graduation, or housewarming party gift. 

Not everyone likes coffee, and that’s fine. It’s because this breakfast tea tin box is a perfect gift for those people. This tea box comes with 40 English tea bags that have a fresh and delicious taste. 

This tea is safe, healthy, tasty, and is perfect for sweet tea moments. Additionally, this tea tin features Prince William and Kate Middleton’s iconic photograph on the purple box. 

So, give your Swedish tea lover friend this ideal gift and enjoy great moments with them over tea parties. 

#15 Decorative Wooden Treasure Box

Is your Swedish friend interested in home decor? If so, you can get this decorative wooden treasure box for them. This unique box comes with a vintage American flag on it and is made of leather and wood. 

This box can be used to keep small items and can be kept on the dressing table. Other than this, the box can also be used as a photo card storage and can be kept either in the office or home for decoration. 

Your Swedish friend would love to have a spice and seasoning set that has the real taste of America. So, get them this particular set that comes with four full-size seasoning jars. 

With these seasoning jars, your Swedish friend would be able to add American taste to their dishes each time they crave something delicious and lip-smacking. 

This aromatic seasoning set comes in three different flavors. Each of these flavors can help them get the real taste of America. 

#17 Kid’s Dresses

Does your Swedish friend have children in their house? If so, you should get a nice gift for their kids as well. 

You can get this particular baby dress pack that has five bodysuits. These bodysuits feature the iconic Avenger heroes like Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, and Captain America. 

These cool kids’ bodysuits are perfect for everyday use, dress-ups, or Halloween parties.  

Everyone loves popcorn, and so does your Swedish friend. So, surprise them by giving this cute Captain America popcorn maker that is perfect in every way. 

It is easy to clean, easy to use, makes delicious popcorns in just a few minutes, and is affordable. So, get this popcorn maker and give it to your Swedish friend on their birthday, anniversary, or housewarming party. 

Do you know what makes a unique American gift? Well, a pack of tasty jerky. People from Sweden loves to eat meat.

Therefore, give your friend a pack of jerky that comes in five super delicious flavors that are hard to resist. 

Did you know that the favorite chocolate-chip cookies of America are also favorite snacks of Swedish people? So, why don’t you give your friend a pack of tasty cookies? 

This particular chocolate-chip cookie comes in four different packs and has a resealable zip-pack. So get a few packs of these choco-chip cookies for your friend and let them drool over it. 

If you are not satisfied with any of the gifts mentioned above ideas, you can get a scented candle jar for your Swedish friend. It is hand-poured in the U.S.A. and has different notes like Apple, Nutmeg, Musk, Tonka Bean, and more. Also, this scented candle jar comes in eight different styles. 

The aromatic scent of this candle would quickly soothe everyone’s mood. And it has a burn time of 60 to 80 hours. 


As you have gone through the entire gift idea, you can purchase any item you think is the best. All the things mentioned here would make your Swedish friend happy. 

You might have noticed that this list contains each kind of item from socks, beverages, home decor, wine board, alcohol glasses, to candies. It’s because the Swedish people are humble, and they like everything. 

You can also consider giving something to your Swedish friend that they need or want. 

Happy shopping! 

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