Owl Gift Ideas for Mom - 27 Unique Ideas

What do Owls and a woman have in common? They are both wise and enigmatic creatures. Owl gifts are symbolic as it stands for wisdom, knowledge, intuition, and mystery.

All these characteristics are also related to being a woman. It is the reason why many ladies have a fascination for these hooters. Here are 27 gift ideas to give your nocturnal bird-loving friends that they will appreciate and love.

Lady nature lovers will love this sustainable hand-woven potted plant holder. It is composed of durable dried seagrass decorated with owl detailing.

Those big eyes and the pointed beak are a strong giveaway. Aside from holding flora, it can store other household items like kitchen utensils, table napkins, pencils, pens, and other trinkets.

The owl is a symbol of wisdom. In literature and other media, they are wearing glasses in illustrations.

This accessory is considered a sign that they are intelligent. It is the inspiration for this wooden night owl eyeglasses holder.

Female hooter lovers can finally have one perched on their bedside table. It will keep their spectacles safe all night long.

Owls prefer to stay in the wild, but it does not mean they can’t make an appearance in gardens. Ladies with a green thumb would appreciate a vibrant and decorative owl watering can.

This adorable design is handcrafted and serves two purposes. It is like hitting two birds, or rather owls, with one stone. It can also easily camouflage with the flowers due to its lively hues.

Women love to cook. They are small storage pieces to keep their favorite condiments, herbs, and spices within an arm’s reach.

Throw in the spirit of the wild in an owl lover’s kitchen with a cute hooter canister. It depicts the nocturnal bird perched on a branch with intricate detailing.

This nature-inspired piece will blend into any interior decor and layout.

A Screech Owl is one of the popular species of nocturnal birds. They are often the muse of many creative works like this striking stained glass art decor.

Ladies who are fans of intricate crafts will love this decorative piece. It will look great in any living room, dining area, bed chambers, or the hall to welcome guests.

This elegant piece of work is a luxurious centerpiece for every home.

Lady enthusiasts of nocturnal birds will love to collect and decorate their homes with owl-inspired items. Adorn their doorsteps with a round owl jute fiber braided rug.

This colorful floor ornament features the famous hooter in the center, proudly perched on a branch. The braids are in multiple colors and give this mat a playful touch.

Pair it with a comfy lounge chair where you and your small pet can enjoy some quiet time

Ladies love fashion. To make a statement, they would mix and match outfits and accessories. Versatile ornaments are needed to pull off different types of looks.

A trendy mosaic owl wire earring is a worthy fashion investment. It has a touch of intricate art that makes them elegant.

The lively colors are incorporated to give fun and make it suitable for casual styles. It is also easy to put on the user can get ready in a short period

Here’s the tea, owls have species that have white feathers. And if your lady friend is interested in this genus, give them an owl-inspired white enamel steel whistling kettle.

This adorable design depicts the face of the nocturnal bird with yellow-bright eyes. It has a comfortable handle and spill-free spout that will add fun to your tea parties and kitchen atmosphere.

Is your owl-loving gal pal a busy body at home? If she is always occupied with opening doors to carry things in and needs an extra hand, why not give her one?

Of course, you cannot give her an actual arm and hand. But a dependable fabric weighted floor stop will help out a lot.

Make it more adorable by choosing a barn owl design. It will keep the door still and hold it out for a long time. This prop is so cute even the kids will appreciate it.

Do you want to give your owl-loving gal pal’s home a rustic and natural vibe? Why not gift her an owl pendulum wall clock? This traditional analog clock has the works, a swinging pendulum, and the hooter has moving eyes!

The image of the nocturnal bird is very realistic and adorable. It gives a feeling that the little hooter is staring back at you. It is an attractive wall decor that accurately tells the time.

This item only requires one AA battery to operate and is very efficient.

Pens, pencils, paper clips, erasers, rulers, and fasteners, are all table clutters. Help out your hooter-loving friend clear up their desk by giving them an owl desktop organizer.

The resin used makes it tough and durable. It can also double as a paperweight and table display. It has an elaborate sculptured body with bright yellow eyes and a beak.

It is luxurious, pleasant to look at, and charming. Collectors of owl items will surely love this handcrafted piece.

Nature lovers will flip once they have their hands on this owl lamp composed of rock salt crystal. This light source is efficient in getting rid of impurities around. Now you have a lamp and air purifier in one.

The loveable owl images add to its charm. It gives a good vibe to the great outdoors. This display is suitable to be placed in the bedroom. It will clean the air to provide calm and make room for better sleep

The owl is a symbol of wisdom and maturity. For this reason, many like to have it as an ornament. Wearing it close to your body somewhat allows its energy to infuse into the user.

Gift your owl-loving friend a bohemian owl bracelet. It features different light-colored tones and sparkling beads that are very trendy. The metal owl’s image has shiny stones adorning it.

This stylish accessory is a fit for events like evening parties, casual days in the office, or outdoor celebrations. They will look and feel like a million bucks having this wrapped around their wrist.

Receiving functional gifts is the best present of all. Give your hooter fanatic friend a cross-body purse with owl detail and see how she flaunts her love for these nocturnal birds.

A bag is a cruelty-free option since it is composed of vegan leather. The owl design has clean stitches and lively colors. She can keep her cellphone and other valuables inside this lovely purse that will surely grab the attention of others.

Animal lovers are kind souls that need to receive all the positive energy in the world. If your favorite lady has an affinity for owls, here is a gift idea for you.

Gift her a moonstone owl pendant necklace. This sterling silver piece will keep its luster for a long time. The moonstone attached to the owl detail is a healing stone that will bring good vibes to the user.

Women and jewelry are often a good match, so you will never go wrong with this suggestion.

Due to the pandemic wearing face masks has become a trend. As a result, these items have evolved from simple protective gear to fashionable accessories. Let your female buddy express her love and fascination for owls with a reusable cloth face mask.

The details printed will not fade even with multiple washes. It also has a slot inside for disposable filters.

It is made of cotton and rayon, making it flexible and breathable. Now you have something that protects and is trendy at the same time

Owls are a symbol of wisdom. They are described as creatures who love to study and learn. And what item could best support this endeavor? Books!

Give your nocturnal bird-loving friend an owl metal bookmark with a tassel. It is durable thanks to its stainless-steel body with a matte finish.

It is a perfect gift for students, office workers, or stay-at moms. As long as they love to read books, they should have one. It is also safe to use as it is lead-free and nickel-free

Are you tired of the usual plain ceramic coffee mugs? How does a porcelain one appeal to you? If you approve, then your owl-loving friend will too.

The body of the item takes the form of an owl. It has the trademark big eyes and feather details. It had a glossy coating makes it vibrant.

This mug is microwave and dishwasher safe. The recipient will be able to use it for a long time.

Do you want to solidify your ties with your owl-loving gal pals? Then each of you should have an emblem that represents unity.

Get yourself and your buddies a set of decorative owl magnets. Attach it to the fridge, lockers, whiteboards, or anywhere it can be seen easily.

Strengthen your friendship by having tangible proof that it exists. It is a simple gift idea with meaning.

Aromatherapy is one of the most affordable luxuries one can have. How? By utilizing scented candles.

Tickle the fancy of owl lovers by gifting them this item in the form of their favorite hooter. It comes in multiple colors and can also double as home decor.

It is very great value for money as it is affordable and usable for long periods. It is also a great party giveaway or a housewarming souvenir item.

Show your support for wildlife and the environment by wearing a shiny handcrafted owl brooch. Hooter lovers everywhere should have one to display their advocacy.

At the same time, it is also stylish and attractive. The colors have a fun glow, thanks to their glossy finish. People of all ages will appreciate this unique and charming gift idea.

Decorate an owl lover’s kitchen with their favorite character through pot holders, mittens, dishcloths, and other linens. This design is very nostalgic and homey.

It adds a fun atmosphere to the room that can result in more delicious meals. This polyester-cotton fabric is durable and heat resistant.

Cooking and baking are more enjoyable when your nocturnal birdies are around.

Shea butter is a good moisturizer. It nourishes and keeps the skin healthy. Add a dash of fun by gifting your hooter enthusiast friends’ owl-shaped shea butter soaps.

This attractive design is not only eye candy. It is also a self-care item that yields the best effects. Your gal pal’s skin will be soft, smooth, and silky. They will look radiant and beautiful.

Teach your owl-loving lady buddies to save for a cause by gifting them this chubby ceramic owl money box. This adorable item also doubles as room decor.

It has a lid underneath where you can put in and take out your savings. It is an ideal place to put small amounts of cash.

If emergencies arise, you have something on hand.

Potterheads, come and meet your new buddy, little snowy owl! Decorate your windows with this stained glass suncatcher.

It will beautify the home and be a great addition to your hooter lover friend’s collection. It comes with an invisible filament and suction cups. Hanging it is a breeze.

Brighten your owl-loving friends’ look by giving them some dazzling owl drop earrings with pearl. This decorated piece is elegant and classy.

It is suitable for evening parties where the wearer will stand out and shine. It also has a clip to secure once worn.

This unique is a class of its own and will make the receiver feel very special.

The Owl scarf is a stylish print scarf with an Owl motif that comes in a variety of colors. This trendy fashion scarf is ideal for women who want to show off their edgy style and sharp eye for fashion.

Because of the infinity scarf loop, you may wear it long or double wrap it for a broader effect. This is the greatest infinity scarf for ladies, girls, and adolescents when it comes to fashion scarves.

This Fashion Scarf is 19 inches wide with a total loop length of 60 inches. This women’s scarf is composed of 100% Viscose and is lightweight and comfy.

The fabric is silk-like, silky, warm, and long-lasting; the color will not fade.

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