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21 Gifts For a Pilot Dad

You don’t need any special day to tell your dad how much he means to you. While some people wait for Father’s Day or birthdays to express their love for their fathers, others are not very good at expressing their love. A nod and a hug are all that they need to express their love for their dad.

If you belong to this category, you may have to depend on gifts to show your love to your dad. If you have a pilot dad, you don’t have to worry about showing how dear he is to you. We have listed these 21 gifts just for you. Pick up one from these for that pilot dad, who may be flying miles away, but still resides in your heart forever.

1. A keychain with a moving message

While this gift doesn’t mention the word. “dad” anywhere, it is definitely a gift worth giving your pilot dad. This is a beautiful keychain, which comes with the words, “Fly Safe, Always Come Home To Me,” with an illustration of a heart on its pendant.

It also has an airplane charm, which makes the gift all the more interesting than it is already. When you give this to your dad, he is sure to feel emotional and proud that he has someone waiting for him at home. Made from durable stainless steel, this keychain will last forever, just like your relationship with your father.

2. A gift with love

The words, “I Love You” are not just limited to people in a romantic relationship. You can tell these magical words to anyone who you love truly. So, who could be a better person than your dad to express your love through these words and a beautiful gift?

If your dad is a pilot, you can give him this keychain, which he will keep in his pocket forever. He will think of you even when he is thousands of feet above in the sky flying his plane. With the words, “Fly Safe, I Love You” etched on the pendant and with an airplane charm, this keychain is one of the best gifts for a pilot dad.

3. Aviation-themed cufflinks

Here are beautiful cufflinks that will go with smart shirts. This is a great gift for a pilot dad because these cufflinks are in the shape of the propellers of an airplane.

Made from high-polished brass, these cufflinks come with a shiny surface and are built to last for many years. They come in elegant black shade. These cufflinks are super-smooth, stylish, elegant and functional at the same time.

4. From daddy's little girl

The relationship between a daughter and her father is quite special, indeed! Here is a keychain that girls can give their dads, regardless of the profession of their fathers. 

However, since a pilot’s job comes with many risks, this keychain is a great gift because it reminds a father that his little girl is waiting with bated breaths for him to come home safely.

5. Off-Duty Pilot

A pilot needs to enjoy his vacations! When you plan a vacation with your dad, you can gift them these socks so that they can flaunt them for everyone to see. No office calls, no discussion about work, no thinking about planes!

When they wear these socks, they get into vacation mode automatically. It comes with the words, “Do not disturb; this pilot is off-duty,” which exactly reflects the pilot’s thoughts.

6. Matching hat set

This is a perfect gift for twinning with your pilot dad! This cap set comes in a matching set of 2 for a father and son. The cap for the father has the words, “pilot,” while the one for the son has the words, “wingman” written on them.

Made from 100% natural cotton, these are very comfortable to wear and last for many years. They are available in black, navy blue and red colors. Their sizes can be adjusted as per one’s convenience, making this baseball cap set a great gift for pilot dads.

7. Tile Artwork oozing with motivation

Here is a brilliant gift that your pilot dad will proudly hang on the walls of his home. This artwork comes with motivating words with a witty reference of an airplane taking off against the wind, not with the wind.

This painting is made from high-quality porcelain, and it comes with an easel and hooks at the back for ease for easy mounting on the walls.  It can light up the space where it is hung instantly, thanks to the brightness it radiates with its words.

8. Coffee Mug with a funny theme

This coffee mug speaks the truth with a bit of sarcasm! Your pilot dad will love reading these words again and again, while having a hearty laugh about it with his friends.

He will love to carry this mug with him wherever he flies, so that he can keep you close to his heart through your gift.

9. Innovative Message in a coffee mug

The pilot and his team in the cockpit are responsible for the lives of the hundreds of passengers traveling on the airplane. In such a case, when you hear certain words in the cockpit, you tend to get paranoid and fear for your life.

This coffee mug, gives exactly some of the worst phrases you could ever hear in a cockpit. Your pilot dad can definitely understand the fun behind this Message in a coffee mug.

10. Socks with witty words

This is a set of 2 pairs of socks, with witty words like “Trust Me, I am a Pilot” and “Right Rudder, Left Rudder” written on them.

These socks can easily fit sizes 5 t0 13; therefore, you don’t have to worry if they will fit your pilot dad. They will love these novelty socks that you have particularly chosen for them.

11. Funny Message in a T-Shirt

We all know of the classic movie, “The Godfather,” don’t we? Here is a T-shirt with reference to this movie, but with a twist! What do you call a pilot dad who is a fan of this movie – A Skyfather? He will be thrilled at his new name, for sure.

So, here is T-Shirt with these words printed on it; you can give them this gift on their birthdays, anniversaries, or special occasions. Made in the USA, this T-shirt is knit from 100% USA-grown cotton, and is designed to make people feel comfortable, even when worn for long hours.

12. Customized Travel Tumbler

Here is a customized travel tumbler that is a great gift for pilot dads. With figures of airplanes all over its body, this travel tumbler will make your dad very happy. You can print your dad’s name on this tumbler to make this gift really special for him.

The illustrations and words are printed using the highest quality sublimation ink; therefore, it doesn’t fade even this tumbler is washed multiple times. With their BPA-free sliding lid, sweat-free technology and spill-proof system, these tumblers are highly functional gifts.

13. Funny Aviation Quotes

Your pilot dad is sure to laugh out loud when he opens this gift and reads the quotes on this coffee mug! This one contains some random codes named Aviation Cheat Codes, with funny messages against each code.

Made from 100% high-quality ceramic, this coffee mug comes printed with these codes and words on both sides; therefore, it can be seen easily by right-handers and left-handers.

14. License Plate Frame

This has to be one of the best gifts for commercial or navy pilots. This license plate comes with the words, “Life is Better Flying,” and your dad will love to mount this in front of his car. He will feel great to flaunt his passion for flying, wherever he goes.

This rust-free metal license plate comes with an embossed design made using a sublimation imprint. It can withstand all climate conditions, and comes with 4 pre-drilled holes for easy mounting purposes.

Regardless of the flying experience of your dad, this is a great gift for him. He can never thank you enough for this book, as he can always refer to it to get some important information when he is in the sky.

Written by Drew Chitiea, this book contains stories, fables and chronicles of different flight escapades, important incidents, the truth about certain flying anecdotes and more.

16. Best Pilot Dad Ever

Your pilot dad may have a lot of information to write down. He may have to keep track of his flying schedules and plan for his training modules. So, what could be a better gift for them than a simple but useful notebook journal?

This journal is different from the rest, because it comes with an attractive cover that reads- “Best Pilot Dad Ever.” Apart from being a useful gift, this one is sure to move your dad to tears.

17. For the cool pilot dad

If you have a uber cool pilot dad, you are extremely lucky. A cool dad deserves a cool gift, isn’t he? How can you tell him how cool and lovable he is? Here is a notebook journal reflecting the exact words in your mind!

“Pilot Dad – Like A Normal Dad Just Cooler” are the words printed on the cover of this journal. It is a blank-lined book with 120 pages, which your dad can use to write down the details of his work, to be better organized than before.

18. Coffee mug with a witty message

Well, here is a gift for a pilot dad who knows to appreciate wit and sarcasm. This coffee mug has its fair bit of sarcasm without causing any serious offense to anyone.

While flying thousands of feet above the sky, pilots tend to look down on people, don’t they? That’s the Message printed here, with its fair bit of sarcasm.

If your pilot dad was born in 1903, this is a great gift for him. Else, you can change the year, and still make it a worthy gift for him!

19. T-Shirt for the captain dad

This funny T-Shirt has the words “Captain Dad” imprinted on it. The letter D is placed inside the replica logo of Superman, which makes it a really funny gift, indeed. However, there is nothing false about it. Being a dad and a pilot makes him a Superman, indeed!

Made from a blend of cotton and polyester, this T-shirt comes in various sizes. It is very comfortable and durable. Your dad will love to wear this T-shirt to every single casual outing that he is a part of.

20. Tin Sign for pilot parking

Here is a funny gift for a pilot dad that will bring a smile to his face automatically. This is a metal tin sign that your dad can place at his allotted parking space in his apartment.

This parking sign reads, “Pilot Parking Only; Violators Will Be Grounded.” One has to appreciate the wit in this Message. Your dad will love this thoughtful but funny gift, and he won’t think twice before using this sign straightaway.

21. Notebook journal with language-based humor

Well, he has taunted you all the while for your studies, isn’t it? So, here is your chance to give him back a taste of his own medicine? Here is a notebook journal that comes with an attractive cover that is aimed at correcting his English! This journal comes with 120 lined pages with a matte finish.

These are some of the excellent 21  recommendations for your pilot dad to show him your love and inspire him to soar higher and higher.  With these gifts, your dad will feel your presence always with him, regardless of how far he is away from you. Apart from carrying a lot of emotional value, some of these gifts are also downright funny, making them perfect gifts for pilot dads.

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