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Gift Ideas for Someone Moving To Florida - 27 Unique Ideas

If someone you loved moved to Florida, either they’re moving away or just taking a vacation, it’s the time of year that people think of others.

Most people will give gifts but it may be difficult to find something that is both affordable and thoughtful without any prior knowledge of where they move.

This can be a problem for those who may not have the option to visit them in person or for those who don’t live close by.

This article is written to help you find the best gifts that will make them smile and help make the transition to Florida easier.

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Gift Ideas for Someone Moving To Florida Under $20

This is another great gift for someone who will be spending a lot of time outdoors.

This key chain has their new address and the theme of their new place on it so that they can remember exactly where they are.

It’s a cute little gift for them to hang around their neck to show everyone that they’re leaving their old stomping grounds and moving south.

A great little gift for someone who loves the sunshine.

This magnet says “Welcome to Florida” which is something that anyone will love to see on their fridge.

This magnet has the colors of the flag which is a very unique and colorful way to communicate their feelings.

Not only is it an affordable gift for your loved ones, but it’s also going to make a lasting statement about where they are in life.

Some people prefer to drink out of cups while others like glass mugs.

This Florida mug is perfect for the latter and is a great way to show their love for where they live.

It even comes with online tutorials so that you can make your own for your loved one or for someone special.

It’s an easy gift to make, affordable and super thoughtful which means that you’re going to get plenty of praise from whoever you send this mug to

This doormat is perfect for people who love to venture out into the world and sometimes they will be leaving their house without telling you where they are going.

The personalized message on this doormat will help you to remember where they are and encourage your loved one to call you every time they leave.

This is the perfect present for someone who loves to focus on their appearance. It has a great smell and will make your loved one feel like they’re in Florida every time that they take a shower.

It’s a unique gift that most people won’t be receiving from anyone and it costs less than $25 which means that you can probably get 3 or 4 of them as gifts for your loved ones.

Remember, whenever you give a gift to someone, you always want it to be memorable.

This cleverly designed candle is going to make the person who is receiving it laugh until they cry.

It’s going to make them remember the stressful week that they just had and think about how much better their week will be with this humorous candle in their bathroom.

Even as a new resident of Florida, you might have some fears or concerns when you think about leaving the familiar comforts of your old home and moving to a new one.

This New Beginning gift is going to help to remind your loved one that making the move to Florida will be just as great as it is in their current home.

It’s also inexpensive so that you won’t break the bank when getting this for your loved one.

These are going to be the perfect gift if your friend or loved ones are always on their phone.

This Bluetooth beanie is the perfect way to get rid of the distraction because they’ll be able to use their phone without being distracted.

This is a very unique gift because your loved one can just sit back and enjoy the light.

It has a nice alternative to the traditional welcome gift that all new residents get which is usually a plant.

This lamp doesn’t grow things but it’s going to make your loved one feel at home in Florida when they look up at the night sky while they’re relaxing on their couch.

Gift Ideas for Someone Moving To Florida Under $50

Does your loved one love taking photographs of the beautiful sights that are around them?

If they do, this is a great gift for them because it will help them take those photographs while they’re out and about instead of having to hold their phone up the entire time.

It’s also universal and multi-functional which means that it won’t just work with iPhones.

Whether you friend has an iPhone or an Android, it’s a great gift idea.

These towels are great for the kitchen. If the person you love is moving to Florida to retire or just because they want to live in the sun, they will need towels.

These towels come in three different colors and they have a very simple embroidered design on them. The product also comes with an online tutorial so that you can learn how to do it yourself.

They’re super easy and cheap to make which means that your loved ones can have unique personalized gifts for everyone on their Christmas list without breaking the bank.

If the person you love is going to be doing a lot of outdoor activities, this travel cup will come in handy.

This tumbler comes in red and black and holds 16 ounces of liquid.

It has double wall insulation which means that your loved one will be able to enjoy their favorite drink without worrying about it getting warm or over ice melting.

It even comes with a straw so they can drink on the go or from the comfort of home.

Another great gift that is useful for anyone who loves to spend time outside.

This crossbody purse is functional and stylish which means that they will be happy wearing it no matter what they’re doing.

It also comes in many different colors so you can choose one that best suits your loved one’s taste.

Would your loved one rather keep their phone in their pocket or purse instead of having it in their hand?

If they’d prefer to keep it in one place, get them a smart watch which will allow them to check messages, see the weather, and interact with social media apps without having to take out their phone.

This is a great gift for anyone who is looking for versatility and simplicity when it comes to how they check their texts.

Everyone loves to cook and much of the time they will use their kitchen knives when they do so.

Some people prefer wooden cutting boards but others enjoy using plastic ones because they are easy to clean and are cheaper than the wood ones.

This cutting board is a great choice for someone who loves to cook by helping them keep the less used part of their kitchen in good condition.

It’s also super pretty so that your loved one will love having it in their home.

Does your loved one love the smell of flowers? If they do, this Florida water cologne is going to be their new favorite smell in the state and it’s very affordable.

It’s an eco friendly item so that you can feel at ease when giving them this gift.

There’s no better way to bring the rainbow into your home than with a colorful crystal.

This one is made out of a natural form of quartz and has 20 different colored crystals inside of it which makes it extra special.

It’s also affordable and affordable so you can be sure that your loved one will be happy with their gift.

It also comes in a variety of different colors so you can make this for your friends and family who live in Florida as well.

This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to show their pride in their city or state.

This hoodie has the state flag on the front of it and is a great way to communicate your love to your loved ones.

It’s also affordable and will fit any type of budget since it costs less than $30.

This is a great gift that you can give to anyone who loves Florida whether they are a resident of our not.

If you’re going to be moving your loved one away, you might want to get them an idea of what they can expect when they leave.

This sarcastic farewell moving away gift is going to make your loved one laugh and not feel bad about leaving because it’s going to remind them of all the great things that Florida has to offer.

Is your loved one getting ready to move to Florida?

Help them out with this puzzle so they can remember all of the things that they love in their new home.

You can also get it customized to include all of the unique things that your loved one loves about their new home.

Just fill out a custom order form online and you’ll be able to get a personalized Florida puzzle for their Florida move so that they can feel more at ease during their move.

This is going to be a great gift for your loved one because it’s going to show them all of the different states and countries that they can go to during their lifetime.

It’s also going to remind them of the fact that they have so many options in life and that they’re not stuck anywhere just because they choose Florida as their new home.

Does your loved one love to relax and kick back? If they do, these are the perfect shoes for them because they’re very comfortable and easy to get on and off.

They’re also very stylish and will match any outfit that your Florida resident is wearing.

You can have these customized with a Florida theme or you can just get them in the regular style.

Gift Ideas for Someone Moving To Florida Under $100

Is your loved one looking for something to keep them warm during the winter months?

If they are, these wearables blankets are the perfect choice for them because they’re going to fit their lifestyle and make it easier for them to have fun in Florida.

It’s also lightweight so that it won’t be too hot for your loved one which means that they can use it all year round.

Gift boxes are a great way to give a gift without spending a lot of money.

This particular gift box comes in a variety of flavors that are all things that are traditionally known to be found in Florida.

If someone you love just moved to Florida, you might want to send them some taste of home and this is the perfect product for that.

It has milk, cookies and more than one different flavor which will help them ease into their new place without any issues.

Does your loved one love the outdoors? If they do, this is a great gift for them because it will make taking their stuff to the beach very easy.

It also comes with everything that they could possibly need and it has a stylish design which means that they’ll be proud to show off their new set of bags and accessories while they’re out in the sand.

If your loved one’s electricity is out, this emergency hand crank radio will allow them to get the news and stay informed so that they know what’s going on in their area.

It also has a built in flashlight, AM/FM radio and an RCA jack so they can plug their phone into it while they’re out or screwing around at night.

Gift Ideas for Someone Moving To Florida Over $100

If the person you love is moving to Florida, you’re going to want to help them pack up their things.

If they’re going to be flying, you might want to get a suitcase that is durable and lightweight.

This suitcase is the perfect solution for any traveler.

It takes up very little room in a car, it’s lightweight and it’s made out of durable material which means that it will last your loved one for years of travel.


If you’re looking for a gift for the Florida resident in your life, these are probably the best gifts that you can get for them.

You can use them as practical gifts or you can even use them as a way of showing your loved one that they’re loved by all.

Since there are so many different things to pick from when giving an affordable gift all year long, be sure to check out all of our accumulated lists and find something that’s going to make their new life in Florida easier.

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