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21 Gift Ideas for Hair Salon Opening

Starting your own business is one of the most important moments in your life. Being your own manager has many perks, as this gives you an immense blend of freedom with responsibilities. Do you know of a friend who plans to start their own hair salon?

Apart from your congratulatory message, they would also need other practical things that they could use for their salon. So, if you have been thinking of useful gifts for that businessman friend of yours, here are 21 gift ideas you can choose from.

1. Open sign

This should be one of the best and most useful gifts you can give someone all set to open their own hair salon. This signboard comes with the words, “open,” which the stylist can use, when he opens his salon.

Made from 100% non-toxic materials, this signboard highlights the words in LED lights; This board is so durable that they can use it for almost 10 years continuously. The color-coded luminance of the LED lights can be seen from a distance of over 300 feet, making it one of the best gifts for hairstylists.

2. Hair Stylist appreciation

Do you want your friend to feel proud of her decision to start a hair salon against all odds? Do you want her to feel proud and motivated during every day of her hairstylist work? Here is a coffee mug that will help her do exactly that.

On the face of it, this may look like a simple coffee mug; however, the words printed on it are amazing. These words equate the job of a hairstylist to a miracle worker, which is true, indeed! She can create miracles in anyone by changing the look of their hair.

3. One for the coffee lover

A cosmetic bag may look like an ordinary gift, but wait until you read the message on this! If she is a coffee lover, the hairstylist will love this gift immensely for two reasons. Firstly, the words on this bag, “First I Drink The Coffee, Then I Do The Hair,” exactly reflect her thoughts.

Secondly, this cosmetic bag serves many purposes, and allows the hairstylist to keep her essentials safe. It is lightweight and can store all day-to-day cosmetic items of the hair stylist to look presentable at all times.

4. Appointment Signboard

Here is a board that proves to be the perfect piece of décor in a hair salon. Made from sturdy wood, this signboard can be made to stand on a desk, or can be hung on a wall, as per the stylist’s preference.

With beautiful salon-specific accents, this board is sure to bring up a new vibe in the salon, and attract clients.

The words on this board go this way – “Good Hair Isn’t By Accident; It’s By Appointment.” While being funny, this is a truly functional gift that a hairstylist can never get enough of.

If you have been looking for the perfect gift for a hairstylist to celebrate the opening of her hair salon, your search should end right here. This is a stylish bib that she will use a lot, and think of you every time she uses it.

This hairstylist bib comes in a blend of polyester. The black bib contains the words, “Stylist” written in shiny grey shade. The illustration of pink, glittery scissors on the bib, adds to its visual appeal.

6. Appointment Scheduling Book

This gift oozes with good wishes and love, making it an apt gift to give someone for a hair salon opening. This is an appointment agenda book, which a stylist can make use of while booking appointments. It contains half an hour sessions marked from 7 AM to 8 PM, for all the 52 weeks in a year.

The cover of this appointment book comes with the classy words, “Love is in the hair.” The matte finish of this book will make the stylist fall in love with it immediately.

7. Hair Spray Bottle

As a hairstylist, your friend might have to use a hair spray bottle quite a lot of times in a day. Let them bid goodbye to ordinary spray bottles, as you gift them this beauty. This one doesn’t use any pressurized containers; therefore, it is one of the most sustainable gift choices for a hairstylist.

This flairosol spray bottle comes inbuilt with pre-compression technology. The mist that it dispenses lasts for about 1.2 seconds, and it is designed with the concept of maximum utilization of resources.

8. Hair clip accessories

Hairstylists usually section their women clients’ hair before they do treatment or styling on them. When hair is not sectioned and divided properly, it becomes difficult to work on one’s hair.

So here are some hair clip accessories that can help the hairstylist to a great extent. These non-slip hair clips serve many purposes like styling, blow-drying, coloring, straightening, etc. Since they are highly versatile, they can be used for all hair types.

This is one of those gifts that you can fall in love with instantly. Designed exclusively for hair salons, this clock is a great gift if your friend opens a new salon.

Handcrafted in Europe, this classy black clock has a stylish dial surrounded by all types of hair accessories, which improves its looks to a great extent.

This gift is all that you would need as part of men’s hair trimming. This is an all-in-one trimmer that comes with combs of different dimensions for different purposes. The clippers come with an LED display to show you the level of battery. When fully charged, this clipper-cum-trimmer can run for 5 hours.

Apart from these accessories, this kit also contains a cape, cleaning brush and lubricating oil, which is of great help to hairstylists, as they can find all they want in one place.

11. Nylon cape

Get the hairstylist a few of these capes, and they can never thank you enough for the same! These capes can be easily worn around the customers’ necks, as they come with adjustable snap closure. It comes in the dimension of 59 x 51 inches, which makes it long enough for most people.

12. 10-Towel Pack

Here is a thoughtful gift that will help hairstylists carry on with their business hygienically. This is a 10-towel pack, which stylists can use for drying their customers’ hair, once the styling has been done.

Since these towels are made from high-quality microfiber, they can be used on all hair types. They are lightweight and absorb moisture quickly.

It wouldn’t hurt for a hairstylist to carry off some humor, isn’t it? So, here is an apron that will help them show their funny side. Say goodbye to the boring stylish aprons that come in plain and dull colors.

This versatile apron comes with two pockets to hold all hair accessories properly. Designed for both men and women, this apron comes with the funny words, “Never Mind My Hair; I’m Doing Yours,” which makes stylists and their clients break into laughter.

14. Plastic shower cap pack

Hairstylists cover their clients’ heads with a shower cap after some styling treatments like deep oil conditioning, hair-spa treatment, coloring and more.

So what could be a more thoughtful gift for them than this pack of  110 shower caps? The spacious fit of these shower caps ensures that they fit all clients perfectly.

To celebrate the opening of their hair salon, stylists might want to thank their clients for supporting their salon. They might want to give away gift certificates to clients in the form of scratch cards. This way, they can improve the visibility of their business and attract more clients.

Here is a beautiful gift that contains a pack of 50 gift certificates for that hairstylist who wants to woo its clients. These certificates contain scratch cards, which the clients should scratch off to reveal their prize for future treatments at the salon.

Who would have thought that this simple and affordable gift can be of immense use to the hairstylist? More often than not, stylists give these mirrors to their clients to check the work done on their hair.

These mirrors come with ergonomic silicone handles. So, the stylist can use this mirror in different angles to show the clients and get their opinions frequently.

17. Hair Towel Wrap Set

After some treatments, hairstylists need to give a hair wash to their clients. Here is a towel wrap set that they can easily use on their women clients to ensure that all moisture is absorbed instantly.

This wrapping set is made from soft microfiber material, making it super soft and very comfortable to use. It comes in the form of a readymade wrap, and stylists just have to slip on this set on their clients after a hair wash for quick drying of hair.

18. Scissors Holding Rack

A hairstylist would definitely need an organizer or holder to keep all his accessories ready in one place, for easy access. While he may different types of scissors, brushes, combs and other accessories to carry out different types of styling, he would find it very difficult to use them if he cannot store them properly.

So, here is a professional scissor holder that will keep all the scissors and hair accessories safe. Apart from this, this beautiful holder also forms an important part of the interior décor of the salon.

19. Headband with hairdryer attachment

Now, this has got to be one of the most luxurious yet comfortable gifts you could give hairstylists on the occasion of their hair salon opening. Used during long hair sessions like deep conditioning and styling, this headband comes with an adjustable drawstring and chin strap to ensure that it fits in place.

Since stylists can also attach a hairdryer to it, this headband is one of the most premium experiences stylists can give their clients. The insides of this headband are made from high-quality sewing lines, and the entire set is washable and durable.

20. Hair Diffuser

Designed exclusively for curly hair, this universal hair diffuser can fit any standard hair dryer for easy use. These diffusers can be used to minimize frizz, add volume and provide shine to curly hair. With this easily removable diffuser attachment, stylists can also blow-dry their clients’ hair without any hassles.

Made from high-quality and safe ABS material, this diffuser specializes in quick-drying the curls, without straightening them, much to everyone’s delight. Now, you don’t have to worry about going too close to the hairdryer and run the risk of burning your hair!

21. Hair Dryer holder

A hairdryer is one of the tools that a hairstylist would most frequently use every day. So, this equipment should be in a place that stylists can easily access. So, here is a simple storage unit to keep hair dryers and other tools safe to access whenever needed.

This simple over the cabinet holder contains a couple of compartments for holding hair dryers, flat irons, curling wands, brushes, combs, and other tools as needed.

Isn’t it great to know about someone close to you opening a hair salon of their own? It takes a lot of courage to pursue one’s passions, and it is only natural that you should encourage them to do well in their ambition. Yes, words can motivate them and push them to go beyond their call of duty to achieve what they want.

However, what could be better ways to encourage them than thoughtful gifts that would remind them every day about their passion? The 21 gifts that we have listed above, are not something extravagant or expensive. They may look simple, but they are highly functional and of great use to hairstylists. So, it would be great if you could think on these lines and gift them something useful that would help them in their daily job.

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