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Gift Ideas for Empty Nesters - 27 Special Ideas

Parents will always have a special place in their hears for their children, but it is inevitable for them to eventually make their own separate ways in the world. When that time comes, it can present itself as a great challenge for empty nesters who devoted their lives to caring for their children suddenly trying to find out what to do with the extra time that they now have.

Whether they are your actual parents or close friends of yours, here are twenty-seven gift ideas for empty nesters that will positively enhance their journey in this new stage of their lives.

Not having your children around anymore can be a challenging time for any parent, and one of the best ways to possibly deal with it would be to learn from the insights of others on these experiences.

This book will also be especially useful to people you know who have strong faiths or religious inclinations.

This coloring book can provide a pleasant distraction to while away the time, relax as well as refocus for empty nesters. More than the actual book itself, engaging in the activity of coloring along its pages may also help parents from overthinking about one thing or another.

If you had spent a lot of time planning and scheduling the various activities of your children, then this lifestyle planner can be a very valuable tool. Make the best use of your past skills and experiences towards planning your own adventures in order to ensure that the greatest days are still ahead.

More than just a decoration, this can be an award that proves how great of a job a mother has done in raising her kids, and how she is appreciated for it.

Regardless of the places you take people, being home will always be a matter of how you made them feel.

This is an ideal gift to salute a couple for accomplishing their mission successfully, and who most definitely are deserving of a cold drink or two. You can proudly display these glasses to also let guests know how you are now calmly transitioning to a new phase in your lives.

The time for regular backyard barbecues as well as preparing meals for larger groups may be over, but the passion for cooking does not necessarily need to stop. Try out new recipes which you may see in this book which can begin a new culinary adventure for you.

Aside from its practical use when it comes to keeping you clean, this soap also has the best lines that will crack you up. Smelling good and feeling refreshed will surely be great ways for starting the process of navigating this next stage in your lives.

Even the best beds may not be all that comfortable enough if you don’t have the right pillow with you when you are trying to get some sleep. You deserve this pillow and more, so you can get the additional hours of shut eye when you need them.

The bond between parents and their children does not need to be broken as well as always remain special in the eyes of both parties. Relax any fears or doubts in relation to this thought when you have this beautiful print to decorate your house with.

The words “empty nest” just doesn’t instantly raise happy feelings with people, and it probably take some getting used to when your children are not around the house anymore.

Start making more positive associations with the term through this pendant that comes off as a beautiful piece of art you can wear.

What better way to honor parents who were the steady presence in the lives of their children than with this beautiful pebble art? This is perfect for parents who gave their children solid values such as keeping their feet on the ground no matter how successful they become.

After successfully fulfilling your responsibilities to your children, why not go and start to live with a little more adventure? With a hundred activities to choose from in this scratch off poster, you can be sure that there will be no dull days ahead for you

There may be times in our lives which are difficult or even depressing, but there should always be at least one or two things which you can be thankful for.

Cultivate a positive habit of gratefulness with the accompanying journal, as well as write notes to people to let them know you appreciate them with this box set.

Watching plants grow can be magical, but unsurprisingly, this would also come with its own set of challenges for anyone who dares to try it out. With this gift set, you can provide your chosen gardener with the tools needed for personal as well as plant care to ensure their success.

This card game will have you jogging your memories as well as learning a new thing or two about events which happened in the past while you’re at it.

People who find it hard to spontaneously start conversations will appreciate the assistance this provides in getting people to share their precious recollections of the past.

Currently, people have become used to getting things done faster or even in an instant because of technology. This embroidery kit will help develop one’s focus as well as help in producing beautiful results which one can be proud of because of the effort it takes.

There’s no better time to go ahead and pamper yourselves than when you are empty nesters, and this spa gift set will help you to make that possible.

One added advantage would be having your own relaxation tools at hand for you to use, especially when you go about traveling and there happen to be no available spas.

This holder is a good idea for people who are such connoisseurs of wine that they can’t help but want to enjoy a glass even in the bathroom. At the same time, it may also be great to have a sip while enjoying a relaxing bath

It wouldn’t come as a surprise for empty nesters to engage in a lot of traveling since they would have more time on their hands. This blanket and pillow set can help accompany them in their adventures, as well as help ensure that they will feel cozy enough to doze off wherever they may go.

Great sheets can be the necessary item to complete making a bed comfortable, and this set will help in keeping things cozy. It is also a comforting thought to know that you would always have fresh and clean sheets available whenever they need changing for one reason or another.

This plush fleece bathrobe can be one of the most valuable additions that you would need for your wardrobe. Whether if it’s after taking a bath, an additional layer to keep you warm, or just having something comfortable to slip on when you need to walk about, this is the item you can rely on.

There is something for everyone with this ice cream maker that also allows you to create sorbets and yogurt. Aside from allowing them to make ice cream from the freshest ingredient, empty nesters can also appreciate the smiles of their children as well as their grandchildren when they serve them their homemade treats.

This picture frame has listed down important family house rules that can help just about anybody make it successfully out in the world. At the same time, it also serves as a repository of priceless pictures of family members who were able to make these guidelines come to life.

This turntable vinyl record player may be exactly what you are looking for if you have an appreciation for antiques or retro items. Go ahead and listen to the quality music of your choice, while also admiring the mechanisms utilized prior to the popularity of digital formats as well as streaming services available today.

Appreciating good wine can be a great hobby to continue or start on for empty nesters. This wine sampler can accommodate people with varied tastes and would also form a perfect pair with a charcuterie board whenever you have guests coming over.

They say that having the right tools can be a big help when it comes to getting things done right. This cookware set is an ideal reward for those people whose own existing set of pans as well as pots clearly need to get retired now and were just probably used extensively since budgets were allocated elsewhere in the past.

Drinking a bottle of beer to relax after a long day can be one of the best things in life. With this home brewing kit, you can even enjoy that experience further with a brew coming as the product of your own effort.

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