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Gift Ideas For Dog Walkers - 27 Unique Ideas

Dog walkers are the unsung heroes of many households with active dogs. Without them, most dogs would not get enough exercise, which could result in unhealthy weight gain and sometimes even behavioral problems.

In order to show your appreciation for this hard-working person in your life, you should consider getting him or her something special this holiday season. Here are some gift ideas for dog walkers that will help them continue to be your dog’s best friend well into the new year.

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Gift Ideas For Dog Walkers Under $20

If the dog walker that you are buying a gift for has a dog with a unique personality or coloration, then this Fabric Dog Collar will be perfect.

It’s made from sturdy nylon and is decorated with colorful flowers on the outside, while the inside is solid black. It features a quick-release buckle, which will make it easy to remove and put on their dog.

If you walk your dog on a leash, you will probably want to keep it on while you’re out. A Hands Free Dog Leash will allow you to do just that.

This lightweight product is easy to attach to your waist or belt and provides excellent leash control. You can also use it when you’re doing other things with your hands, like eating or texting.

Any dog walker will love these Doggy Incredibubbles with Peanut Butter Flavor. They feature a squeaky sound that dogs find irresistible.

It’s the perfect thing to leave in your dog’s toy box, so they have something to play with when they get home.

Chances are, the dog walker you are buying a gift for will be a college student. If they’re anything like my daughter, they probably carry a pen in their pocket at all times.

Make sure that the pen is as cute and funny as the dog walker. These pens feature four dogs and their owners, ranging from goofy to serious.

If you’re looking for a gift for the dog walker in your life that you can do yourself, then this Dog Rhinestone Ring is one of the best.

It’s an adjustable ring that can fit in a variety of sizes and is made with quality materials. The rhinestones are set with silver jewelry wire, which will last a long time.

This is a gift for the dog walker who does more than just walk. If they spend a lot of time at the park with the dogs, then they can use this Paw Shaped Concrete Box to store their belongings. They will appreciate not having to carry around a bag when they’re on the go.

The Portable Dog Poop Scooper is a great gift for any dog walker. If the dog poo that their dog leaves behind is hard to clean up, then they will appreciate the ease of use and ability to carry it in their purse.

The handles on both ends make it easy to carry, and there’s even a built-in shovel, so it’s easy for them to scoop out any mess that spills inside.

If your dog walker likes to read, then this is the gift for them. This magnetic bookmark can be attached to their favorite book and will help them keep track of their place as they read. The tag is also small enough that it won’t interfere with their reading.

The dog walker you are buying a gift for may not know how to use camping supplies or have the right equipment to prepare oneself for an emergency.

This Kit includes items that will help them remain safe and prepared in the event of an emergency. It also includes a first aid kit that they can take along with them when they go outdoors.

You might not be the dog walker’s favorite person, but they will still appreciate this practical gift. This cooler can hold up to 24 ounces of their favorite beverage and features a magnet on the back so they can display it proudly.

If the dog walker on your list has a car, then they are sure to appreciate this keychain as a gift. It’s made from aluminum and brightly colored, so they can find it easily when they need it.

You can also include some of their other favorite beverages, so they have something to open with it as soon as they get home.

#12 Dog Walker Personalized Christmas Ornament

If the dog walker on your list is a Christmas enthusiast, then they’ll love this Dog Walker Personalized Christmas Ornament. It can be customized with their name and also features a picture of their dog.

It can be printed on both sides so that you can include as much information about them as possible.

Your dog walker will appreciate this Portable Dog Paw Cleaner Set. The Kit includes a bag that they can keep inside and a glove that allows them to keep their hands clean when they give their dog a bath.

It also includes a sponge, grooming tool, and toothbrush to help them make sure their pet’s teeth are clean.

The Leak Proof Portable Puppy Water Dispenser is a great choice for anyone who has a dog that is active and needs to drink on a regular basis.

It features a screw-on lid to ensure that it doesn’t leak and will be easy to take along wherever they go with their dog.

Gift Ideas For Dog Walkers Under $50

Even if someone already has a nifty baseball cap, they will be more than happy to wear this one. It’s more of a novelty item than anything else, and it will certainly be appreciated.

They will also get to show off the cute dog hat that is emblazoned on the inside with “dog is good.”

This Dog Walker Art Print can be printed in different sizes to fit any space. The design features a black dog with striking blue eyes and fur.

It’s a little more subtle than some of the other dog walker gifts you could choose, but it’s sure to please anyone who gets it.

A dog walker won’t receive much use out of this, but it is an item that will likely be used quite a bit anyway.

They can take their poo bag with them when they are on the go and throw it away without having to worry about where to apply the toxin-free waste.

The dog poop bags are big enough to get a hold of whatever your pup needs and come in a variety of colors.

If you want to get a little creative with your dog walker gift, then this Custom Dog Walker Caricature Portrait Art Print is just what you’re looking for.

The portrait will be created in a style that matches the person on your list. It can be printed on any size of the paper, and the details can be changed slightly if they prefer.

Two dogs can be a handful for one walker, so you’re sure to appreciate this No Tangle Double Dog Walking Leash.

It can hold up to two large dogs and is made from high-quality nylon. The padded handles will help you hang on to your dogs during the walk and prevent your hands from becoming sore.

If you want to give the dog walker a specific item, give them an eGift Card for Amazon. This will allow them to purchase one of their own favorite things.

They can then use the rest of the money on something else for themselves or use it on someone else. That way, you don’t feel bad that you’re not getting any thank-you’s from your dog walker this year.

Even dog walkers need to stay hydrated when they’re out. This water bottle features a dog paw on the bottom, which will no doubt remind the recipient of you.

You can feel good about this gift because it’s not something they would buy for themselves.

Some people might prefer this unusual gift over a more expensive item. It’s not something they would buy for themselves, yet they will certainly appreciate the creativity of this Folded Book Art.

Even though it’s not practical, it is something unique to remember you by as they continue to take care of your dog.

This is a simple dog walking tote bag that will be useful for the person you are buying a gift for. They can put their keys, wallet, and cell phone in it when they leave the house on their dog walk.

It also features some additional pockets they can use to keep their things organized while they’re out and about with the dog.

If the dog walker on your list is a fan of bone-shaped gifts, then this Engraved or Blank Bamboo Bone Shaped Dog Leash Holder is for them.

It has a strong chain that can hold up to 10 pounds and does not have any sharp edges or points.

If you plan on giving the dog walker something to remember you by, then you might as well get them a gift they can use.

This gift card will let them pick something out for themselves and get a few more thank-you’s out of them before the year is over.

This Dog Walking Cross Body Bag is small enough to fit everything your dog walker needs for a day out on the town.

It features two main compartments as well as a zippered pocket and some additional storage options which will be useful for carrying their cell phone, keys, or wallet.

If you are looking for a gift that will keep on giving, then the Tractive Waterproof GPS Dog Tracker would be a great choice.

It lets dog walkers track the location and activity of their dog with ease and has a set of instructions to help them in case they lose track of their pet.


In conclusion, there are many options available to you when shopping for a dog walker. You can choose from the best dog beds, the best pet cameras, and even the best dog toys, depending on what you think they would enjoy most.

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