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Gift Ideas For Dog Sitters

Gift Ideas For Dog Sitters - Top 27 Ideas

Your dog sitter isn’t just some person who stops by to feed your dog. Even if that’s their only task, it’s bigger than that. They’re a person you entrust with the safety and well-being of the most lovable members of your family – you know… the four-legged ones.

You might already think of grabbing a sweet gift for your dog sitter around the holidays. Showing a little extra appreciation periodically can help maintain your spot as their favorite client, though.

When you’re the favorite, you can call in a favor and know that your pup is getting extra love when the sitter arrives. Need ideas? This list covers all the angles.

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Gift Ideas For Dog Sitters Under $20

A grooming glove is a multi-layered gift to give to a dog sitter. Your pup will enjoy being pampered with the glove whenever the sitter is in charge.

The sitter can add the glove to their tools and treats that they take along to other sitting jobs so it helps their business too. Plus, this set has an adjustable wrist strap so you don’t have to worry about the size.

It might seem weird to give your sitter a dog water dispenser but not if it makes their actual job easier. That’s truly the best kind of gift.

This water bottle is perfect for your sitter to bring along when they take your dog for walks. The leak-proof canister fits into a carry case with an artistic design.

Your dog gets healthier walks and your sitter gets another convenient tool.

We all have a few favorite pet toys that we most enjoy giving to our dogs for their playtime. Plus, dogs can be happier and more obedient when they have a variety of toys so your sitter will appreciate that.

Try this nearly indestructible toy that squeaks and also holds treats. Get one for your dog and another one for your sitter to take home to their own dog as well.

To-go mugs are excellent gifts. Get this one for your sitter. Made of stainless steel, this mug is laser etched with a fun dog image surrounded by the words “Canines and caffeine make me happy.”

The image appears on both sides and it includes a clear drink lid to prevent spills and keeps drinks either hot or cold for several hours.

A trendy bangle bracelet is a welcome gift for any jewelry lover. This one takes it to the next level for dog lovers. It comes in silver, gold or rose-gold tones and you can have one of the two charms personalized with words or names.

Then, you can submit a photo (or your pet, for example) and have that engraved on the other charm. It’s sure to be a conversation starter whenever they wear it.

Pup decor everywhere? Yes, please! Give your sitter some useful gadgets for their home. Choose magnets or push pins and get a set of eight adorable handmade dog-related baubles.

These can be used to keep everything in its place on whiteboards, cabinets, bulletin boards or any other surface that accepts pins or magnets. You could even buy a few sets of these to give as gifts and keep a set for yourself.

You can’t go wrong with candles as a gift for most people but you can wow your dog sitter with this Puppy Love Candle set.

It comes with a handmade candle in a decorative jar, a cute box of stick matches and two pawprint-shaped soaps all in a box.

You can opt to have it gift-wrapped with a personalized note and a portion of all purchases goes directly to help pet shelters.

When you’re away, your dog can get bored or anxious and having a sitter helps a lot. When your sitter comes over to care for your pets, their dog may get feel that way too.

This DVD full of outdoor sounds and animal noises that will keep their pup entertained whenever they need to be left alone for a time. It’s a great gift to help them both have a better day

Give your sitter a set of these coasters to set their favorite cups on at home. It’s a set of two. Each coaster has tiny pictures of various Lickers and Sniffers (cats and dogs, in case you missed the joke).

The coasters are quality handmade items of Eucalyptus board base and cork. Measuring 10cm across with rounded corners, they’re just the right size.

Chances are good that your dog sitter has dogs of their own, too. If that’s the case, they’ll be grateful for this Pet Package from Buddy’s Best.

The set includes a spray bottle of Odor Eliminator, two bottles of dog shampoo in different scents and oral gel to keep their dog’s mouth fresh. All products are made with only pet-friendly ingredients, of course!

Wind chimes are a nice gift for anyone. For your dog-loving sitter, this one is a perfect option. Instead of metal or wood chimes that might make a lot of noise, this wind chime dangles dog-shaped pieces that light up at night.

Solar-powered multicolor LED lights charge in the sunlight all day and come on automatically when it’s dark.

With this Page-A-Day calendar, your dog sitter will get a new award-winning photo each day of a different adorable doggo. Pages also include things like rescue stories, care tips, quotes and fun facts all about dogs

When it’s raining outside, dogs still need to get some exercise. Getting them to walk close enough to stay under their human’s umbrella is hard and dealing with a wet pup is worse.

Get this cool dog-walking umbrella instead. Your dog sitter can use it with their own dogs, bring it along for use with your dog and take it with them to their other clients as well

If your dog sitter is ever responsible for driving your dog to appointments, this is a thoughtful gift to protect their vehicle.

It’s a waterproof, scratchproof car seat cover that allows dogs to have movement in the backseat while helping to keep them from jumping into the wrong seat. Easy to install, easy to remove, easy to clean.

Want to give a little something without all of the personalized and customized work? These small wooden signs are painted with a cute phrase – Love Is A Four-Legged Word – that your dog sitter is sure to love.

These are handmade and you can select from 21 different colors.

Gift Ideas For Dog Sitters Under $50

This soft carrier is a nice gift for your sitter to add to their toolbox, too. It easily accommodates small dogs and has several features to make travel easier.

There are side pockets and screen windows (and covers that can be closed when needed). The carry strap is adjustable and has a comfortable should pad. Plus, it comes with a collapsible travel bowl and locking safety zippers.

If you’re not confident that your dog sitter wears earrings – or if you’ve already covered that once and you’re looking for another idea – this necklace may be just right.

The heart with a pawprint design echoes the sentiment of dog lovers everywhere. It comes on a delicate 18-inch chain. The pendant is almost an inch wide so it’s sure to catch attention and garner some well-deserved compliments.

Passionate animal lovers can never resist cute jewelry with animal themes. The design of these sterling silver drop earrings perfectly symbolizes the love between humans and dogs: a pawprint on a heart.

Your sitter can wear them with any dressy or casual outfit and keep them forever.

Any dog lovers would appreciate this personalized canvas tote bag. When you select this as a gift for your dog sitter, you’ll get to choose the tote color, the print color and up to three pet names to be printed on the front of the tote. It’s spacious to hold plenty of stuff wherever they take it.

You’ll have lots of options for personalizing this sweet charm necklace as a gift to your dog sitter. Available in silver or gold tones, you can pick one-, two-, three- or four-disc charms. Then, each charm is deeply stamped with a letter or symbol of your choosing.

An easy idea would be to have three charms: a pawprint, your sitter’s initial and a heart. It arrives in a giftable package with a printed note of appreciation written especially for Pet sitters.

Whether they’re taking your dog to the park for an afternoon or taking their own dog on a trip somewhere, they’ll love this backpack designed to hold everything needed for traveling with a furry friend.

The backpack itself is fashionable and includes containers for food, collapsible bowls and lots of convenient pockets and spaces. It even has a waste bag dispenser for extra convenience.

Notebooks and journals are easy gifts for anyone too. With a quippy cover design on this journal that says Professional Dog Sitter ~ It’s a Ruff Life, your sitter is sure to smile every time they use it.

It’s spiral bound, has over 100 pages and is small enough to take along anywhere.

Imagine the happiness when your favorite dog sitter opens this gift box from The Grateful Gift. Inside the box, they’ll find a thank you card and the wrapping paper is sealed with a thank you sticker.

The gift includes a tote bag, a water bottle on a carabiner, two pairs of cute socks and a travel lint brush. Nearly all of it features doggie decor and pawprint designs.

If your dog sitter loves to read (or even if they just have a shelf of fun books – don’t we all?) they’ll love this sweet book.

Pawverbs is a hardcover book with over 250 pages full of inspirational stories about dogs and the gentle life lessons we can learn from their loyalty and devotion to their humans.

Let’s be honest – pugs have some of the cutest butts in the dog world. If your sitter agrees, they’ll adore this pug butt pillow. Soft and cuddly, it measures 16×22 inches and is completely handmade.

It even has a pocket on the back perfect for a book. Proceeds from this purchase benefit the Pacific Pug Rescue.

Dog-specific photo frames are always a welcome gift and this one is extra special. It’s a foldable double frame. One side holds a photo of their favorite dog. The other side holds a clay square pawprint impression.

The DIY kit for the pawprint impression is a mess-free project that your sitter can do in just a few minutes. Everything they need is included in the kit.

You could give them a ballcap with an image of a cute dog on it… Or you could go big and give them a custom ballcap with a picture of their dog (or yours!) embroidered on it. Available in 5 trendy colors, you just send a photo via email and the seller takes care of the rest.

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