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21 Gift Ideas for a Medical Assistant Graduate

Doctors are next only to Gods, for most of us, because of their undying efforts to save lives. However, do doctors perform surgeries all by themselves? Definitely, not! It is always a team – a team of so many medical assistants working together. We often seem to forget the team as we only remember the front face.

This team of medical assistants plays an absolutely important role in making the medical procedure successful. Here are some gifts for someone who has just joined this magical team of superheroes. A friend, who has worked hard, studied even harder for this position and given his/her ominous effort. Now that they have finally graduated, they are greeted by a world that is a blend of freedom and practicality.

To wish them all the best and bless them with successes in their upcoming future, you need to present them with a gift that makes their graduation memorable. Here are 21 special gifts for that special person.

1. A proud key chain

With all the medical charms attached to it, and a palette that says, “Medical assistant’ this keychain gives your friend a perfect chance to show off their graduation. While this key chain keeps their keys intact, it will also keep their pride of being a medical worker in place.

This gift is designed to last for many years, as it is made out of stainless steel. Its durability comes from its high quality material and finish. This is indeed a small souvenir on the occasion of graduation for your friend who is a medical assistant.

Looking for a brooch that fits medics well with their outfits? Well, this brooch would be a great choice for you, in that case. It comes with golden and silver plating and in different hues as well.

Wearing their pride and hard work on their chests is something that will make medical assistants fall in love with this gift instantly. This brooch can be applied just anywhere; not only on shirts. it can be used on scarves, jeans, bags, backpacks and much more. It comes in a pack of 9 pieces, which makes it a cute gift, indeed!

If you are looking for unique gifts for your medical assistant friend, this pen set is a good choice for you.  We are sure that this gift will make its space within their hearts in an instant. These are no ordinary pens; they are exclusively made for the medical sector.

They come in a set of 20, and you can find 4 syringe pens, 6 capsule shaped pens and 10 bone shaped pens in this. These ballpoint pens come with refillable inks, which makes it one of the perfect gifts for medical assistants on their graduation. 

4. A case for all their stuff

Stuffing all things into a bag can never be easy, which is why a case would be he best gift for your medical assistant friend.  This cute case is highly functional, as it can hold all the basic essentials that a medical practitioner would need.

They can keep their medical instruments like the stethoscope, scissors, scalpels etc in this very accurately-designed case. We are sure they will love the convenience that this case gives them.

5. The ultimate socks

Socks that say it all are the new fashion trend! And to keep your dear friends in line with this trend, gift them these socks with medical instruments as doodles over them.

If they wear this to work, we are sure it will be a very new fashion statement. This is also a novel way to tell everyone that they are not the serious boring medical assistants anymore.

An accessory that is so beautiful that it will make eyeballs turn! That’s what this necklace is all about, making it a great gift for medical assistant graduates. It is well-designed necklace, with a stethoscope as a pendant and a dangling heart attached to it.

If the friend who has graduated recently is very dear you, this necklace is a great choice of gift. This delicate and elegant piece of jewelry is something your friends would keep close to their hearts always.

Do your medical assistant friends love to decorate their tables, doors and accessories? Gift them this pack of stickers that perfectly defines their profession.

This pack of 50 waterproof stickers, come in various sizes that are suitable for them. They are quirky and trendy yet funky at the same time.

8. A mug

The most common gift in this world is a coffee mug. A mug as a gift is suitable for every occasion, and we have one for this occasion too. This cutely designed ceramic mug that is especially made for medical assistants says, “Everybody relax, the medical assistant is here”.

As this mug speaks for itself, it sure will lift up the moods of medical assistants. People reading this will rest reassured, knowing that they have a talented medical assistant is just around the corner to take care of them.

9. The practice kit

Being a medical assistant is not child’s play! It is as difficult as taming a horse. With patience, one also needs a lot of practice to master this art. To help with that practice, you can gift this kit to your medical assistant friends.

This kit consists of extra deep-skin pads for practice, and useful tools like blade holder with three #10 blades, tissue forceps, curved hemostat, needle driver, scissors, and storage case for accessories. This is the most useful and thoughtful gift for anyone in the medical field.

Have you ever seen a medical assistant who has never complained about their sleep schedule? Medical practitioners are always sleep deprived. So, here we have a gift that will sort out this problem for them. What can be a better gift for them than a fun and functional eye-mask?

This mask is filled with medical doodles and contains a self-explanatory message that says, “because patients…”. When they have this on, nobody will dare to interrupt their sleep, and they will know why they need a nap.

Working with all kinds of blades and blood is only natural for medical assitants. They are used to having rough and used-up hands.

To prevent the soreness and preserve the softness of their hands, you can gift them this set of hand creams that comes in a pack of 3.

It also contains a pair of gloves, which will preserve the moisture in their hands. This will be a very special gift to show your love and care for them.

12. This funny card holder

All assistants have ID cards and to hold them in place or attach them to the clothing, there are special cardholders in available in the market. Here is a beautiful gift that will be of great use to them.

This cardholder also comes with a very funny message on it. It says, “but did you die”. If this isn’t the best humorous gift to give them, we surely do not know what is. Grab these for them to have a hearty laugh whenever you see them wearing this.

13. A wine bottle with a medical twist

Ever seen a wine bottle that wears a doctor’s coat? I think now you have. This unique gift is something that even your medical assistant friend would not have seen before. This flavored wine is suitable for the graduating occasion of your friends, and the white coat wine bag is the icing on the cake.

 This wine coat is made from felt, and contains small felt accessories like a syringe, medicine and Otoscope. The wine coat also comes with a pearl necklace for the bottle, making it look even more elegant than before..

14. An encouraging bracelet

As it is just the start of their career as a medical assistant, your friend is going to face a lot of failures and losses. In times like that, one only needs words of encouragement and nothing else. Here is a bracelet that comes with an encouraging message.

Give this bracelet to them and always be that encouragement that will keep them going. This bracelet says, “Believe in you like I do”, and its exemplary design will definitely make them smile. 

Someone who gives prescription to everyone also needs a prescription sometimes. The prescription that gives them the opportunity to have fun and to live their life! Give them this much-needed prescription by gifting a glass that reads out right medicines for them.

The prescription of wine and the amount of wine mentioned on the glass is just what you they will need to rewind  after a long day’s work.

16. A thank you note

While we are busy looking out for our friends we forget to thank them enough for the times they look after you. Give them a very sweet thank you of all the times they have been there for you no matter however the situation was.

Gift them this lovely thank you note, which has a health care worker’s uniform drawn on it, making it absolutely clear that this gift was specially designed for them.

17. A multipurpose bag

For a medical assistant, having all things that they need within their reach, is absolutely necessary. Gift them something useful that will help them with this objective. Here is a bag that has enough space to fit in everything that your medical assistant friend would need.

It comes with many big compartments to fit all their important accessories like laptop, clothes, cosmetic items, etc.  This bag, with a denim-style look, can also be used as a travel bag.

Looking for a gift that is small, funny and useful at the same time? A keychain is the perfect answer for you. This keychain, which will keep their car or house keys intact, comes in an amazing design.

The funny words on this keychain go this way, “Cute enough to stop your heart, skilled enough to restart it.”

This keychain that speaks for itself, is enough to make the medical assistant friend blush with happiness and pride.

19. A watch clip

Living the medical life is not easy at all. Medical assistants don’t get to wear any makeup or cosmetic accessories. In that case, you can gift them a clip on watch that is looks absolutely fashionable and trendy.

It is an accessorized watch that does not need to be tied like a wristband, but it can be clipped on to your friend’s dress. This interesting watch also comes with a glow in the dark feature, which will be very helpful for your friends, in areas where there are low lights.

Assistants have a lot of writing work with respect to writing prescriptions, maintain records related to the health of the patient, organizing different files to maintain and loads of other paperwork. Here is a special writing pad that will help them to a great extent.

Gifting this to them will be a life saver as this writing pad comes as a storage for a tablet and a clipboard for papers so none of their important work is missed and they can have all important things within reach.

21. A survival kit

A keep safe for their all things is definitely something that a medical assistant graduate would need. With so many tools and essentials to carry around, they need a bag to fit everything in there. This cute pouch made out of jute is just what they need!

It has enough space to fit in all their items. They would not have to worry even if they misplace anything, as it clearly says, “Medical assistant survival kit”. So,it will definitely find its way back to the rightful assistant.

Graduating as a medical assistant is a difficult task, but you can make your friend’s journey less painful by giving them one of these thoughtful gifts.  By helping them create memorable moments, these gifts inspire medical graduates and fill their hearts with pride.

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