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Dog Get Well Gift Ideas - 27 Comforting Ideas

Our pets are a part of our families, and so when they hurt, we hurt too.

When you or someone you care about has a dog who is hurting, show you care by presenting a gift that not only touches the heart, but promotes healing and comfort in noninvasive, natural ways.

These products address the needs of a sick or injured pup both in recovery and in adjusting to the necessary lifestyle changes that accompany surgery, age, and seasonal struggles.

Let’s keep those tails wagging with some of the following items, most made in the USA and all chosen to assist a loving dog owner with particular needs.

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Dog Get Well Gift Ideas Under $20

The skin inside a dog’s ear is sensitive. Take care of those ears with these wipes, which contain ingredients like aloe vera and Witch Hazel to soothe that sensitive skin while keeping your dog’s ears clean.

In a world filled with blanket options, this one will first catch your attention for its adorable designs. It’s more than cute, though; the double-sided fleece attracts hair, protecting your furniture, and is heavy enough to wrap around your puppy to ease anxiety during travel, thunderstorms, or other stressful events. It’s also machine washable!

Deodorizing and soothing, this American-made dog shampoo nurtures and moisturizes skin with natural ingredients, including shea butter, oatmeal, and aloe.

The formula is biodegradable and cruelty-free, so you can sooth irritated skin without an irritated conscience.

Puppies get dirty! It’s part of being a puppy. These wipes, formulated with organic aloe and free of sulfates, paraffin, and other irritants, are designed to keep your puppy clean and fresh between baths without drying out delicate puppy skin.

Use the wipe by wrapping it around your finger, and remove the fear and danger that can come with trying to use cotton swabs or other foreign objects.

Choosing a set of dishes for a new pup may seem at first to be no more difficult than selecting a cute design, but in truth, many dog dishes contain harmful chemicals, form cracks that shelter germs and bacteria, or break so easily that they’re not worth the cost.

These stainless-steel bowls are not only safe to use and easy to clean, but include a non-slip ring so zealous puppies can learn to eat and drink from a bowl without making a mess.

Whether a puppy still learning the functions of life or an old dog who has occasional incontinence, this waterproof blanket is comfortable and soft, but also absorbs liquid to protect furniture from accidents.

Baked in Wisconsin, these treats are customized for your breed and personalized with your dog’s name.

If you send this to a friend with a dog in recovery, the personal touch will certainly reflect the care you hold for friend and dog both.

When the dog is in good hands but the owner still needs some comfort, this gift brings a touch of old-fashioned charm.

Featuring an old-style cartoon dog with a “Get Well Soon” message, this planter can be sent to the dog’s owner with whatever contents you like, whether you want to fill it with treats or include a cheerful flowering plant.

From one pup to another! This well-wishing planter features a puppy eagerly encouraging the recipient to recover soon…so they can play together! A great gift from one puppy owner to grant another.

Made to order from a Pennsylvania bakery, these treats may look like medicine, but they taste like delicious peanut butter!

With a choice between colored with US-certified safe food coloring or plain, you can select the option best suited for the dog in question.

What to give the sick owner of a loving pup? This tray bears the message felt by beloved dogs across time: get well soon so we can play some more!

With his mug of brew and half a smoke, this dog’s companion is probably a little rough around the edges and less likely to appreciate a flowery planter, but appreciates a gift that is as honest and straight-forward as man’s best friend.

This dispenser meters and slows the flow of treats, and can help with training and teaching patience.

Forcing your dog to slow down while eating can reduce digestive problems, and the unique design also cleans teeth and strengthens the jaw.

Simple color coding is used in this gift to record the dog’s feeding schedule: The color green denotes that the dog has eaten. If it is silver, it hasn’t been fed. Easy to use! Batteries are not necessary.

It helps prevent overeating, which in turn reduces obesity, with a straightforward click-in-place technique. It may be put almost anywhere in your house and is made of high-impact ABS plastic. For easy attachment, it features magnets on the back.

All dogs need baths, but when your dog has sensitive or irritated skin, choose your brush with care!

This brush is made of soft silicone rubber to massage and clean the skin without damaging it. It also includes a shampoo reservoir so you have everything you need for the bath in one hand!

If you or a loved one love dogs–or perhaps are a Yorkie yourself–this 18-inch decorative throw pillow featuring a Yorkie anxiously waiting for a friend is the perfect gift!

It can be personalized to any breed of dog you have or like.

In the cold winters, many dogs need sweaters to stay warm and healthy. This particular sweater is 100% acrylic and comes in a convenient pull-over design in a cable-knit pattern. Wear, wash, and wear again!

Dog Get Well Gift Ideas Under $50

When a dog suffers sniffling and itching from seasonal allergies, these supplements reduce symptoms and boost natural immunity.

Devoid of fillers and artificial flavorings, the chews rely on natural ingredients to provide relief.

Instead of messy sprays or hard-to-administer capsules, this relief comes in a tasty treat form, and are soft enough even for older dogs with worn teeth.

The benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids for skin and hair health are well known for people, but these supplement chews, rich in Omega-3s and other vitamins, bring those benefits to your four-legged family members as well.

Certified by the National Animal Supplement Council and recommended by canine nutritionists and veterinarians, these supplements help dogs of all ages and sizes to maintain healthy, itch-free skin and a glossy coat.

If your dog’s allergies and irritation aren’t limited to the skin and sinuses but also affect the stomach, consider this supplement, which combines the skin and coat benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids with pre- and pro-biotic strains to ease and support healthy digestion.

Stuffed with protein, fiber, and other immunity-supporting nutrients but devoid of artificial preservatives and colors, these great tasting chews will help your dog feel and look great.

Dogs love dog biscuits. These particular biscuits are special, though; in addition to the tasty, crunchy biscuit treat dogs love, each treat is filled with a meaty interior of real bone marrow.

With the texture combination and delicious flavor, your dog won’t even realize it’s a calcium supplement!

This set of five sprays, balms, and mists, gives the new dog owner the tools necessary to weather the trials of puppydom.

Used separately or as combination treatments, these medicines are formulated to treat itchiness and hot spots, pain, and stress, as well as cleaning and maintaining healthy eyes and ears.

All formulas are organic and cruelty-free.

Whether your dog is recovering from surgery or is enduring arthritis and other age-related joint pain, this bed’s shape and American-made, CertiPUR-US foam filling provide comfort and support, allowing for better, more restorative sleep.

It’s also kind to the owner’s peace of mind, being easy to clean and utilizing recycled ingredients.

Whether it’s a new puppy or an adult dog on the go, this eco-friendly, non-toxic, lightweight and collapsible storage bin will keep your collection of toys, bathing supplies, medicines, or other necessities organized and ready for transport.

When you or a friend have a pup of any age who isn’t feeling well, sending one of these gift baskets means real, live, human beings will select an assortment of healthy treats and appropriate toys to ensure pup gets a little bit of everything needed to feel better.

A portion of the proceeds also benefits animal rescue organizations, so the love spreads beyond one sick pup to many others in need.

Handmade in the USA, these plush toys are fun for the dog to play with, and funny enough to keep the human smiling!

Not only does this blanket come customized with your pooch’s name, but it has two options for material: plush, lightweight and comfortable, and sherpa, the “extra snuggly option!”

Dog Get Well Gift Ideas Under $100

A puppy being house trained? An old dog who struggles with incontinence? A sick or injured dog in recovery? There are many reasons why a dog owner might need a pee pad.

This is more than just a pad, it’s a full set, including the pad itself, a tray to keep liquid contained, and a grass-like topper to mimic the outdoor experience, whether to teach the young pup or to reassure those who want to go outside, but can’t.

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