Camping Gift Ideas for Mom - 27 Practical Ideas

Camping is an amazing experience. It can be an exhilarating break from the daily grind, a chance to disconnect and reconnect with loved ones, or a way to explore and learn about nature. But while it’s easy enough to get wrapped up in your experience at camp, it’s important not to forget your mom!

After all, she’s the one who packed you that tent and those binoculars. She’s the one who spent hours in a car ride planning and dreaming about your adventure. She’s the one who brought you camping before, and she’ll do it again when you need her to.

Catering for camping moms doesn’t have to be difficult. With a little forethought and creativity, there are plenty of perfect gifts to pique their interest and keep them coming back for more.

This book is full of delicious, do-it-yourself ideas for tasty food while you’re at camp. No more worrying about where the nearest restaurant is after a long day hiking, canoeing, or whatever your favorite part of camping is.

With this cookbook, you’ll have plenty of easy and delicious recipes to choose from. With this cookbook, your mom will be able to whip up delicious meals right with you at the campsite!

This blanket is warm and lightweight, and there are plenty of pockets to store all of your camping gear. It also has thick, waterproof cuffs that protect your hands from the cold.

These cuffs make it possible to use this blanket while the girl scouts are counting down before bedtime.

You know how much moms love L.L. Bean products, so why not get your mom a gift she can enjoy on outdoor adventures?

These solar string lights provide excellent mood lighting for your campsite. They’re waterproof and easy to set up at the end of a great day at camp. And, who doesn’t love twinkling lights on their campsite?

They are portable and can light up to 20 hours. Looking for an option that doesn’t need to be plugged in? These handy solar string lights work off of the power of the sun.

Many moms prefer stainless steel cookware when they’re not going to be using chemicals. This cookware set is coated in Teflon, so it’s more durable than most other stainless-steel sets on the market.

It also has two lids, which make it easy to use and store food. The large size of this set will allow you to cook for a group of friends or family as well.

This set is perfect for moms who enjoy cooking during their camping trips.

Mom’s love having access to clean water, and they can use this personal water filter in case they want to stay hydrated while they’re camping. It’s lightweight and easy to take with you, so you’ll never be without clean water.

Plus, it has a “see-through” design that makes it easy for your mom to see how much clean water she has left in the filter.

This is a great gift for your mom because she’ll be able to protect herself against bug bites while camping with you. It works just as well on mosquitoes and other bugs. This can also be used for other outdoor activities.

For example, its non-toxic plant-based formula means your mom can use it on bug bites and poison ivy when she is gardening- the perfect way to protect herself during outdoor activities!

This spray kills the bugs that could hurt her, so she can stay safe and enjoy a good time with you at camp.

This lightweight, water-based shampoo and conditioner are perfect for your camping trips. It’s an excellent alternative to regular shampoo because it’s made for camping and boat trips.

It’s gentle enough for people with sensitive scalps, and it doesn’t have a strong scent. Your mom will be able to use this on her hair without worrying about the effects of chemicals or other ingredients.

This handheld misting fan will give your mom an excellent way to cool off when she’s hot and sweaty. This fan is a great gift because it has several uses.

It can be used in the car or truck during hot summer days, on hikes, during camping outings, and more!

This sleeping pad is recommended for backpacking, camping, and car trips. It is light, compact, and won’t take up much space in a tent.

It also has a small amount of insulation, so mom will be comfortable while sleeping on it. Many moms like this sleeping pad because of its lightweight design, it’s very affordable and comes with a lifetime warranty.

This is a great gift for your mom because it is one of the best accessories that she can take camping. She will be able to enjoy a warm, relaxing shower at home before her trip!

She won’t need to find an outdoor shower, which means she will be free to enjoy her next trip as quickly as possible.

Give your mom an excellent way to stay protected from mosquitos and other bugs! This net is perfect for hiking, backpacking, camping, and more. It’s not going to mess with her hair or keep her from wearing a hat she loves.

And, it has plenty of room in the front so she can wear a hat if she wants to.

This gift kit is perfect for your mom because it includes everything, she needs to have a more convenient time camping. She can use this to go to a bathroom when she can’t make it back to her campsite.

Plus, the case is small, so she can put it in her backpack without taking up too much space or weight. This is the perfect gift for moms who want to stay protected on their next camping trip.

This portable, comfortable chair is lightweight and easy to carry. It’s also a great gift for moms because you know how much she loves REI.

This chair is compact and comfortable for your mom, so she won’t be uncomfortable during a long camping trip.

This pop-up privacy tent is ideal for your mom because it helps her stay comfortable while camping. She can enjoy a little bit of privacy and rest comfortably at the same time.

This tent has everything she needs to keep herself protected while she’s camping, and you know that she’ll love this gift!

It’s important to stay warm when you’re camping, and mom will be glad that she has a way to brew hot coffee or tea.

This kit includes everything you need to brew a nice cup of hot coffee in the morning or tea at night. It includes a bag, mug, and more.

This is a great gift for your mom because it will help her stay clean while camping. She’ll be able to have a more convenient time with this sink, especially if she is camping with a group of people.

This basin folds up easily and can fit into a backpack or luggage. It is also lightweight, so she won’t feel like she’s carrying too much with it.

Your mom will be glad to have a light to see in the darkness. This headlamp has an adjustable strap, so she can wear it comfortably and easily.

It also has an adjustable beam that makes it perfect for reading, walking around camp, and much more. This is a great gift for moms who like camping

If your mom is going camping in a rainy area, you can give her this raincoat to protect her. It has a hood and will keep her dry during rainstorms.

This coat is lightweight and comes in several colors. It’s stylish enough for your mom to wear during outdoor adventures and will keep her safe during the worst weather.

This is the perfect gift because it will help your mom be prepared for any emergency. This pocket guide is a great reference guide to keep in her car or have with her when she goes camping.

She can use this to learn what to do in the case of various possible emergencies or illnesses while she’s camping. Lightweight, compact, and easy to store, this guide is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast!

This is the perfect gift for your mom because she can enjoy it while camping. This bootie is perfect for wearing to the campsite because it will protect her feet from cold and wet conditions.

She can wear these stylish boots with any outfit, and they’re designed to be lightweight so they won’t weigh her down.

There’s nothing better than a nice, warm campfire to make your camping trip more enjoyable. These sticks will give your mom the tools she needs to make a delicious marshmallow at the fire.

And, you know that your mom loves her marshmallows! Give her these sticks and she’ll remember how much you care about her.

This is a perfect gift for your mom because she can enjoy an assortment of different meals on her camping trip. This bucket gives her plenty of variety, so she can have something different each night while camping.

It contains easy-to-cook meals that don’t require a lot of time, and it’s easy to pack away and take with her when she goes camping.

Could this be any more perfect for your mom? This hydration pack is designed to allow your mom to stay hydrated while she’s a hiking, camping, and more.

It features a reservoir that holds up to 2 liters of water, so she’ll have plenty of water while hiking or camping. And, it has back mesh shoulder straps, so she won’t have an uncomfortable time when wearing it.

These are the perfect towels for your mom because they’ll save her time and space. These microfiber towels are lightweight and won’t take up too much space in her luggage or backpack.

She can use them to dry her hands, face, ears, or hair when she’s camping. She’ll have a convenient time using these towels – not what she expected!

Your mom needs to have all of her items with her when she goes camping. She can keep all of these toiletries in this organizer so she can easily take them with her and use them whenever she wants.

It’s compact, organized, and will help her with everything from sunscreen to shampoo.

Your mom will be able to enjoy eating meals while camping since this table is designed to sit up higher than normal tables. She can easily eat meals and snacks while she’s sitting down at this table.

It folds up conveniently, so she can carry it with her when she goes camping. And, it makes a great gift for moms who love to camp!

This is a fantastic camping gift for your mom because she’ll be able to cook with this stove. It’s easy to use and lightweight, which means she’ll be able to carry it around easily and use it when she wants.

She’ll have a convenient time cooking while camping with this stove. It’s also compact, so she’ll be able to take it with her everywhere.


Whether your mom is camping, hiking, fishing, or whatever it is she likes to do outdoors, these gifts are perfect for her. They’ll make her happy, and she’ll be able to use them on the go.

If you’re looking for a great gift, this list is full of fantastic suggestions. You can use it while you shop online or in stores to find something that she’ll love. With so many great gifts to choose from, you can’t go wrong! Use this list to make your mom happy on Mother’s Day and beyond.

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