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Army Gift Ideas for Dad

Are you preparing for Father’s Day and probably need a special gift to celebrate your dad, who works in the army? Well, we got you covered!

This article reviews the 27 best gifts for army dads that you will find meaningful and deliver your message of pride, appreciation, and love to him. It is good to ensure our dads in the army know we love them and what they do for their country, even if it means them being away from their families. The gifts are;


1. Army Dad Gift Coffee Mug

If you are looking for a Father’s Day gift to ensure your army dad does not forget you wherever he is, this is the best gift to buy him. It is a ceramic cup printed with army details to celebrate your dad’s work. The mug is well crafted with a large handle and has “army dad” printed.

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2. Personalized Hand Stamped Gift

To celebrate your dad, who risks his life to make sure his country is safe, this keychain is a great gift to buy him as you celebrate his work and being your dad. The key chain is engraved with “not all heroes wear caps, mine wears combat boots” to praise your dad’s work. It has quality stainless and aluminum materials crafting.

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3. Custom Design Ammo Can

These ammo boxes are great for additional storage spaces. So, you can buy the box pack for your army dad so he can get a comfortable space to store his badges, documents, and small essentials.

The boxes are customizable so that you can choose the message printed on them. If it is a birthday gift, send a thoughtful message celebrating your dad’s birth to be printed on the boxes.

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4. Megalith Big Tactical Watch

This versatile analog and digital watch would suit your army dad as it can withstand all weather conditions. The watch is made of stainless-steel materials with a nylon wristband that cannot get damaged even after contact with water. It is handmade in military-style to fit the work and environment of military people.

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5. Military Style Shirt

Is your dad going for army training that will take him a while? A military-style shirt would be a great send-off gift to acquire him. This is a cute shirt that he can wear while relaxing at the camp or when he comes back home. Find a style that your dad would like from the list.

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6. Swiss Pocket Multi-Tool

Safety gear such as pocket knives is crucial for people in the army as they provide protection instantly. This Swiss knife is an excellent gift for your army dad as he celebrates Father’s Day. The knife is compact and comfortable to fit on the hand for easy tagging along. The handle is made with wood, and you can have engraving added to it like your dad’s name.

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7. Personalized Men’s Photo Dog Tag Necklace

This is a cute gift that will ensure your army husband carries his family wherever he goes. It is a pretty necklace that has a double pendant, whereby one has a cute message of love to dad; the other pendant can be customized with a family photo.

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8. Army Camouflage Apron

If your dad is a pro in the army and the kitchen area, this apron would be a great gift on his birthday. It is an apron that he can rock while preparing you the best grill and barbeque without forgetting his work. It is customizable, so choose the words or numerals you want to be printed on the apron.

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9. Philips Hybrid Electric Shaver

Ensuring your dad stays groomed even in his line of duty is remarkable. This is an electric machine essential for trimming and shaving body hair. It is battery-powered such that even when your dad is far from an electric source, he can still use the device. It comes with three blades, and one can last for 3months, which is convenient.

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10. MARCHWAY Floating Waterproof Dry Bag

A perfect bag crafted to accommodate all outdoor areas. The bag will secure your dad’s gear whether he walks in the rain, in wet rooms, or during hot seasons. The bag is easy to maintain since you need to wipe it. This bag has a shoulder strap that is adjustable for a good fit when carrying.

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11. Men’s Vintage Wrangler Regular Fit

Who does not like a classic pair of jeans? These jeans are great and comfortable for all men as it is made with soft yet strong materials. So, your dad can rock the jeans during his free time at the camp. They are also affordable as they retail at 15 dollars. Note the jeans can fit a waist for a size of 38 inches.

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12. Case Compatible with INIU Portable Charger

If you are preparing a send-off party for your army dad and need a good gift that he can use while away, this portable USB charger power bank is a good choice. Triple-A batteries power the power bank with a high powering speed of 10000mAh.

It comes with a type C charger compatible with most smartphones. It also has a zipper bag for carrying it with too.

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13. Copper Love Note Wallet Insert

As a way to remind your husband of your love and you will never forget him, get him this wallet note for your anniversary or Father’s Day. It comes engraved with a beautiful love message that you choose to be printed. You can get this gift to your army husband as well.

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14. Army Dad Cutting Board

A chopping board is a necessary accessory for your dad as he will use it for cooking in his army camp. This chopping board is extra special as you can have it customized with a cute message for your dad or opt for the standard “army dad” printing.

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15. Tobion Kit Shoe Care

These shoes shining kit would fit your army dad to ensure his boots stay clean and well-polished even after a long combating day in the field. The kit has several shoes shining kits like brushes and sponges. They are handmade with care to ensure they last long. One kit of these will last your dad for long.

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16. 155mm HE Artillery Shell Military Whiskey Display

Even people working for the army need to have some time and enjoy themselves. So, if your dad loves whiskey, this whiskey decanter is a good gift. The item helps to preserve whiskey at the right temperature so that he can enjoy it at anytime from anywhere. The decanter is made with a hard shell, so it is durable.

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17. Army Socks

These socks are pretty comfortable, so his feet will stay dry for long, even when your dad wears them with combat boots. The socks come in different styles, including “army” printing to specify them to the person being gifted. So, order a pair or two for your army dad to celebrate him on his birthday.

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18. Wood Military Organizer

This is a multifunctional wooden block that helps organize various accessories to maximize space. It has a space to hold a pistol, watches, and even a phone and wallets. Considering armies do not have large storage spaces, this unit would be good to keep small essentials.

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19. Dads Army Minimalist Art

Get this cute customized art frame to celebrate your dad, who returned from army training or job. It can be made in different frame sizes ranging from A3 to A4. The image depends on what you want as you can choose the part of your dad in his army uniform or your family portrait.

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20. Customizable Army Journal

The army journal is an excellent gift for your dad, who just deployed. It is a customizable journal such that you can have your dad’s name printed on it or opt for the dates of his deployment printed on the cover.

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21. Dads’ Whiskey Hip Flask

A whiskey hip flask comes in handy for people involved in outdoor activities, as they can carry their drink to sip on the move. So, if your dad in the army enjoys a whiskey as he works, get him this cute hip flask on Father’s Day or birthday. It is made of stainless-steel materials and can hold 60 z liquid.

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22. Green Army Man Bottle Opener

Not only is this a valuable bottle opener for popping out beer lids, but it is pretty cute. So, your dad will be proud to clip it to his keys. It comes crafted in a miniature arm person attached to the opener. This beer opener is also compatible with a beer bottle opener shooter.

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23. Army Fleece Blanket

This customized fleece suits the army or anyone in military work. The fleece is made with quality materials, so be sure it will keep your dad warm in cold times. It is also made in an American flag print with a camo design. You can order the fleece to be custom with your dad’s name or birthday message.

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24. Custom Engraved Functional Compass

This is a heartfelt gift worth getting to your dad, who is being deployed to a far place from where you live. The compass comes engraved with an encouraging message to let your dad know he is in your thoughts, and you pray for his directions.

It also has a compass so he can find his way through the woods. Note that you can have the compass engraved with an image of your dad or a message of your choice.

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25. Personalized Men’s Bead Bracelet

If you need a family gift that you can present to your army dad as he celebrates Father’s Day, such a bracelet is a great choice. The bracelet is made with a nylon cord that comes in different colors. The chord comes attached to beads that you can have customized with the names of your family. Whenever your dad wears the bracelet, he will feel close to you.

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26. US Army Bullet Pen

This cute pen is customized to celebrate the army and other military people. The pen comes packed in a quality customized wooden box. You can send a message to be engraved on the box to celebrate your dad. The pen is quite beautiful and does not leak ink.

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27. Army Dad Hoodie

The army hoodie is a good gift from a stepchild to their stepfather who works in the army. The hoodie is quite comfortable to wear in most seasons as it is not too bulky. It has a head hoodie for protection against cold and wind. The hoodie comes printed with “proud army, bonus dad” on the front side.

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